Q4 Food Blog Challenge Day 7 – Social Media

Can you believe we made it to day 7 of the Q4 food blog challenge already? Seems like just yesterday we started and wow now my hands are tired from all the typing I have been doing.

I feel like there should be a fire coming from my keyboard at this point haha! But in all seriousness, this is the last day of the challenge – feels great, right?

Today’s challenge is planning out social media. I know some of you are probably thinking “nope, I’m done.” And I get it, I never loved social media and still don’t. I like to write, take pictures, teach but social media is a huge nope when mentioning my favorites! But I do it and you should too. Now please note that you don’t have to do all of the social media, focus on 1-2 if it’s new to you yet. Do what makes you comfortable and where your readers are. I mainly focus on Pinterest (kind of social but mainly a search platform), Instagram and Facebook.

Plan out social media

Print out page 15 of the workbook, you will likely need 2 copies. This is a basic page that will give you direction when working on your social media plan. I do personally prefer a full planner because you can really break it down better, but this page in the workbook works well for the challenge!

Looking at your content calendar (from day 5) and your email plan (day 6), decide which posts you are going to share on social media. I like to plan my content, email and social pretty close together. This gives you some fresh traffic to the newly updated posts while you are waiting for them to be ranked (ranking doesn’t happen instantly.)

Write down each post that you plan to share on social media and Pinterest. If you don’t want to share something on one of the platforms, you can put an N/A in the field for that platform. Based around your email content and content calendar, decide on the dates you want to share on these platforms. Write the dates under each platform for each post.

Remember social media doesn’t care if you share every day or multiple times a day (not the same post tho), like your email subscribers will. You can share each post a couple times throughout the month when relevant. But do not repeat the same post over and over all month.

A Halloween post may be great the first week of October to give people ideas but then even better if you share it again a week before.

Wrap up

In today’s challenge you created a basic plan for posting your social media! This will help you to be more active on social media and also take the overwhelm out of it. Being consistent on social and Pinterest is the best way to see results!

What’s next?

You did it, you took the challenge and made it through all 7 days! First pat yourself on the back because it wasn’t the easiest challenge to take. I recommend getting yourself a little treat (I like to splurge with a Venti caramel macchiato personally), you deserve it.

But what is next is for you to take all of the planning that you did over the last few days and implement it. Start working on those posts, emails and social media!

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