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Using AI To Write Blog Posts: Good or Bad?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in the digital world. It’s not surprising that its potential for creating content has sparked a lot of interest. We’ll go into using AI to write blog posts, and explore whether it’s a good option for bloggers and content creators.

With advancing AI technology it’s now possible to generate written content that sounds like it was written by a human. However, this raises a question – is using AI to write blog posts a good or bad idea? Can it produce quality content?

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There are many people who use it for every post and many people who refuse to use it in fear they will get penalized. Let’s clear the air here about using AI to write!

I do want to be clear that as stated in this blog post by Google about AI generated content, that content that ranks is all about quality and not how it was produced. BUT if you use AI to manipulate search rankings is a violation of the spam policy.

Pros and Cons of Using AI to Write Blog Posts

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There are pros and cons to using AI to write blog posts, just like other blogging tools we use today. Here are some of the pros and cons.


  • Increased productivity and efficiency – You can write a lot faster and more blog posts when AI is helping you. I will cover more below, but there are other things to use it for that saves a lot of time!
  • Ability to generate content on demand – You can tell it to write about something (anything really) and it will write it for you.
  • Consistency and accuracy of content (but also a con, see below.) – It can keep a flow going from the paragraphs it wrote for you above keeping it consistent. Accuracy can be great BUT it needs to be checked before posting. It can add in inaccurate information.
  • Targeted and personalized content creation – You tell the AI what to write in the blog post and it will write about what you tell it. You can tell it to write in a professional tone, casual tone or many other tones!


  • Lack of originality and creativity – AI can generate text, but it cannot come up with original ideas or concepts. If you want to create truly unique and engaging content, you will still need to do some of the work yourself.
  • Inability to produce emotional – While using AI to write blog posts can be great for quick content, it needs to be edited as it often lacks emotion. You want to tweak it a bit to add your own emotion to it.
  • Potential for grammatical errors or unnatural phrasing – Don’t copy and paste, check the grammar and phrasing first. Sometimes sentences do sound a bit off but can be tweaked with your voice.
  • Difficulty in conveying brand voice and tone – At the time of writing this (I am sure this will change as AI advances), it likely won’t match your tone without tweaking it. You can tell it to write in casual, but it won’t know your tone if using it for a whole post.
  • Not 100% accurate all the time – Very important! It is not accurate all the time. Some topics are going to be better then others here, but most AI software is programmed from before 2021. It also grabs information from the internet so there is always a possibility for errors.

So do I use AI to write blog posts?

I do use AI for blog posts, but not for writing the whole post. Some people swear by using it to write the whole post, I do not. Most of my posts are written by me with just a little help from AI. I like to write and quite often I just can’t get the right tone or the AI doesn’t “talk” as much as me – haha! Seriously, I do like more detail then it often gives.

What Do I Use AI For?

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AI is really a powerful tool for helping your write blog posts, even tho I don’t use it to actually write the whole post. I prefer it to be like my assistant that can save me time but not do the whole job for me. That is the best way I can describe it! Here is a quick rundown on what I use it for.

  • Meta descriptions – As much as I love to write, I have a hard time creating meta descriptions that are click worthy. Quite often mine turn out a little boring “try this blah blah.” Having AI write my blog post meta descriptions helps!
  • Post layouts – Usually I have an idea of what I want to write but sometimes I get stumped on everything I want to add. Asking it to write a blog post layout can help me decide every topic I want to add!
  • Introduction paragraphs – This is especially true for my food blog. I can make the food, write the post, write the recipe and take pictures with no problems. BUT I just have a hard time explaining why somebody will like my recipe in the first paragraph. Usually I tweak it a bit after I have it write the paragraph.
  • Rewriting paragraphs – Sometimes my writing just doesn’t sound right to me. Sometimes I have AI rewrite something in a specific tone (casual, excited or whatever tone I want.) Yes then I go through and add my tone.
  • Social media and Pinterest descriptions – Do you have a struggle coming up with things to write in your social media posts? AI is for more then just writing blog posts! I love using it for Pinterest descriptions. Of course you can use it for any social platform too.
  • Product descriptions – I use it for my product descriptions for my digital products too. It helps me come up with a better sounding description.

Which AI Platform Do I Like Best?

In all fairness, I haven’t tested them all out. I do however love ChatGPT and I just recently started using Google Bard. Bard is in Beta so you have to request to try it out but so far I do like it! I am not affiliated with any of these AI platforms.

There is a Google it button at the bottom of the output so you can check the output on Google. I was pretty excited to see the email that it was my turn to try it out!

At this time, both ChatGPT and Google Bard are free, tho there is an upgraded plan to ChatGPT. I have not tried the upgraded plan as the free works for what I use it for.

Jasper was the first AI platform I tried. Yes I loved Jasper, but I didn’t love the price. It got pretty expensive for what I was actually using it for. Is Jasper worth it to some people? Yes I am sure it is! But for me, it was just an added expense.


Overall, AI can be a valuable tool for blog writers. It can save you time, help you produce high-quality content, and improve your SEO. However, it is important to use AI responsibly and to be aware of its limitations.

Be sure to proofread and check for accuracy when using AI to write blog posts. It is a great assistant but does usually need a little tweaking.

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