Q4 Food Blog Challenge Day 3 – Evaluate Posts

We made it to day 3 of the 7 day Q4 food blog challenge. Hope you are still with me after going through data yesterday! That is my least favorite thing to do honestly, but some people love numbers and enjoy it.

Today is a lot easier, I promise! The challenge for today is to go through your list that you created for each month to determine how much updating it needs. Yes we could have done it yesterday when we created the lists, but it is best to do them in 2 separate days. Why? Because after digging through numbers and all the posts, you are less likely to have a good judgement of what needs to be updated before you get to the end.

I know if I go through a bunch of posts to determine 24 top posts (8 each month of the quarter), I start to get a little burned out. Then I may decide that “well that picture doesn’t look that bad” when really it does. With a clear mind I would see how bad it is, but with a tired mind I may decide it doesn’t need to be updated. Kind of like a “I just want to get through the list already.”

This was designed to be done over 7 days so I am breaking it down in a way that you will not get burned out each day!

In case you still need the workbook – 7 day Q4 blog challenge.

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Sort through your top posts

Take your list of 24 posts (you may not have that many and it’s ok) and write them down on page 8. If you are not sure what to update in a post, I wrote a post about  10 tips for writing a great recipe post.  While it is for writing the recipe, you can use it to figure out what needs to be updated!

If you do have more then 15 posts you will have to print page 8 twice – sorry guys but I didn’t want to make the writing fields too small.

Once you write them all down, go to each post on your blog. You are going to want to write down the date it was last updated (in the updated field.)

Take a look at the pictures. Do you need any new pictures? Maybe you have a great feature shot but no process shots. If it needs pictures, add it into the field “Need pics?” How I do it is by adding – featured, process, all or none.

Last add if you need to do a big update or a small update. A big update will be more like completely redoing pictures (takes time to remake and retake), adding a lot of key information (basically the post needs to be almost rewritten because it’s outdated) or anything that will take a lot of time. A small update may be targeting better keywords (Aleka’s  Cooking With Keywords  is great for helping you find them), adding an FAQ or other updates that won’t take a long time to do. Please note that while I am affiliated with Cooking With Keywords, I am also a happy student (only students can be an affiliate.)

Wrap up

Today our challenge was to write down when each post was last updated, if it needs new pictures and if you need to do a big update or a small update. Keep you list on your desk because you will need it tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s challenge will be a fairly quick one. You will be adding them to lists by what has to be done, what is easy to do and also new posts that you want to sprinkle into the mix.

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