Q4 Food Blog Challenge Day 4 – Prioritize

So happy to see that you are still with me! I know this challenge can be a bit of work, but we are trucking right through and onto day 4 of the Q4 food blog challenge. I have been trying to keep them shorter and to the point, but there is a lot to cover.

Today will be pretty easy tho and tomorrow too so yay πŸ™‚

In case you need the workbook – 7 day Q4 blog challenge.

Make a list to prioritize

Today we are going to be sorting through our list that we created yesterday (on page 8.) We are also going to be writing down new posts we want to create as well! I know the boxes only fit 16 for updating posts and not 24, this was intentional. No worries, it will all work out.

On page 10 I want you to write down the top posts that NEED to be updated and likely a big update. These are things like a Halloween recipe for October (pretty important to rank a Halloween post in October!) Or maybe you have an amazing stuffing recipe – that is a very important recipe for November when a lot of the United States is making a turkey with stuffing.

Next go through your top posts and add the ones that will be an easy update or pretty quick. If you have more than 8, pick the easiest and quickest ones here.

Last you want to add your new recipes that you plan to post for the 4th quarter.

Be sure to mark each recipe with a O (for October), N (for November) and D (for December) for all 3 sections. This way you know at a glance which month each recipe is for. This is important! While yes you will know by looking at it, you are going to be planning out your months tomorrow. It is easier to look for O’s, N’s and D’s then to sort through each recipe by title! It’s all about making it easier!

Wrap up

Today we picked out our must update, our easy to update and left behind the other 8 (or less if you are a new blogger with less content.) No worries, those 8 that got left behind are not forgotten about – I promise!

Tomorrow we will be creating a schedule for updating our Q4 posts. This will help you to stick to doing it if it’s on a schedule!

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