Q4 Food Blog Challenge Day 6 – Plan Out Email

We made it to day 6 of the Q4 food blog challenge! Phew, it has been a lot of work and trust me a lot of typing for me. I am sorry these emails are so long but we are down to the last 2 days and guys, you are amazing for putting this effort in.

Today is all about planning out your email. I am not telling you to sit down and pump out several emails on autopilot (I really don’t want you to do that), but I want you to create a plan of when you are emailing posts and if you are adding other posts to the email. This will make it easier for you when the time comes to mail it out.

Plan out your email

You will likely need to print out 2 copies of page 13 for this. You want to look at your schedule that you created yesterday while filling out page 13. And please note that your email subscribers are your most valuable readers, this is an important part of the challenge!

What I want you to do is think about each post that you plan to email. Every recipe should be in your reader’s inbox, but you may choose to group some of them together like a roundup email. If you are updating 6 posts a week, they may not want 6 emails in the week! You can choose how – maybe you will do a “5 best cookie recipes” or “our favorite Halloween treats” and add the cookie recipes or Halloween treats you have on your blog.

Think about which ones will get grouped together and write down the post (if being sent out individually) or email subject (if being grouped) into the “post” section on page 13. Then add the date you plan to email it (be sure it is after you update it!) Next in the “other posts in email” add the posts in the email or other posts if they are complimenting each other but not an actual roundup. An example of a non-roundup may be “best turkey recipe” but then add in your stuffing and mashed potatoes with the turkey recipe.

You know how often you email your readers, try to stick to a similar schedule. Do not overwhelm them suddenly with a ton of emails if they are used to hearing from you once a week.

Wrap up

In today’s challenge you learned how easy it is to set up an email plan! You do not want to sit there and pump all of them out now (please don’t do that, it’s overwhelming) but you have an idea of what needs to be emailed and when. It makes it easier to do so you are not sitting at a blank screen ready to cry (been there, done that) because you are just burned out.

Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge, yay! I feel like I have been running you guys a bit rough, sorry. But it is for your benefit to complete this challenge and implement it. And that to me is worth the hours of typing and designing of this challenge I put in. Tomorrow will be social media planning. Fun for some and yikes for others, I get it. I don’t love social media but I know I need to do it…

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