7 Day Q4 Food Blog Challenge

Quarter 4 is the biggest quarter for most food bloggers. It is when people are looking for holiday recipes so our traffic is usually at it’s highest (depending on niche.) But more importantly, it is when ad rates are a lot higher too.

Free 7 day Q4 blog challenge for food bloggers. Image of a set of hands on a laptop.

This is why we have created this easy to follow 7 day blog challenge, to help you get your blog ready for your best Q4 ever! Now your blog will not be ready after the 7 day challenge, you will have a bit of work after the challenge has ended. But you will have a plan in place for the work you need to do on your food blog.

The food blog challenge is completely free and easy to follow. Depending on the size of your blog, it can take anywhere from an hour or more to complete each day’s challenge, but this is something you need to do! And you are probably doing some of it now but possibly in an unorganized manner (like I used to.)

What is this 7 day blog challenge?

It is a challenge that I created for you to go into quarter 4 prepared. You will decide which posts need to be updated and when you are going to do it.

We decided to go with a daily routine instead of weekly because we feel that it easier to do something daily for 7 days without losing focus. The “assignments” each day are pretty easy to follow and you should be able to complete each one in the day.

If your food blog has thousands of posts to sort through it may be a bit longer. No worries, you will have access to the workbook and emails forever!

This challenge is for existing content, not so much about creating new recipe posts. Redoing existing content can be huge for Q4 if done properly!

What you will be doing in this food blog challenge

Decluttering – yes it is very important if you want to go into quarter 4 prepared!

Going through posts to see what is best for each month of quarter 4.

Going through your list to determine when it was updated last.

Learning to prioritize the posts you need to redo.

Creating a content calendar the posts you need to redo.

Setting up your email strategy for the quarter 4 recipe blog posts.

And finally we will go over social media planning.

How does this challenge work?

You will sign up through our newsletter form below. This challenge will be through email. Each day of the challenge you will get an email with instructions for that day. I thought about posting the day’s challenges on the blog but we will not at this time, maybe in the future. I am worried if it is on the blog people will jump ahead and this was designed to be completed a day at a time!

We are also creating a group on Facebook for our challenges. You will get a link to the private group upon signing up for the challenge (in the emails.) The Facebook group will be to share your wins and questions you may have!

There is a workbook that is included and you will receive that on day 1. Download the workbook and I recommend printing it out so it is next to you while you work. The workbook is intentionally not editable. I feel that if you are flipping from tab to tab, you may struggle with distractions. Having the paper at your desk and ready allows you to stay on your blog while you work!

Are you ready for your Q4 food blog challenge?

Join now 7 day Q4 food blog challenge with 3 of the workbook pages shown.
Workbook included

Free 7 Day Q4 Food Blog Challenge

Is your blog ready for quarter 4? Take the free challenge today and get your top posts ready for your best Q4 yet!

    Sharing is caring and I am sure that you know other food bloggers who would love to take this free challenge as well!

    Free 7 Day Q4 Food Blog Challenge with image of 3 pages from the included workbook.

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