Hi everybody and welcome! My name is Dawn and I am the owner here at Kitchen and a Latte LLC. I have been running the food blog over at The Kitchen and a Latte since March 2019 but blogging since 2007.

This site here originally started in 2009 on a platform called Blogger and it was a bit of a cheesy mess. It was a lot of “so this is my day” and the stuff that people really don’t care to read – I can’t blame them either!

They are here for a reason and to hear about our walk to the river isn’t one of them. Before completely rebranding this site, that’s about what it was. Ok not the river in every post but it was more of a “so this is our life and day” kind of thing – I know BORING… Promise those days are gone.

Up until January 2022, this site (dawnconklin.com) was a mess. I put off overhauling as I worked on my food blog and now I have a direction. I literally deleted every file and uninstalled WordPress to start 2022 with a fresh install and working on building a really cool site!

It is designed to help food bloggers with tips and resources that have helped me along the way.

Who is Dawn?

Picture of Dawn for author profile.

So glad you asked! Hi that’s me, I am Dawn. I am a mom, dog mom and a bit of a goof half the time. Sure I can be serious some times, but having fun and laughing is good for us.

In all seriousness, I am a food blogger and food photographer. In the beginning of my food blogging I made some mistakes and wow did I take some pretty messy photos! I still cringe when I see some of my older pictures. But with practice and the right props, I came a long way!

That is why I did a complete take down and fresh start of this site, for you guys. I want everybody to see their true potential and I am going to be there cheering you on! And if my tips help you get there, I will be super happy.

Helping others when I can has always been a passion of mine – my first blog (remember I said I started in 2007) was to help others. It was to help others work from home legitimately after seeing so many people get ripped off by scams. Since shifting into the blogging and food world, I gave up and took down my work at home blog in the beginning of 2022. I haven’t tested a work at home program in quite some time so I couldn’t recommend any either. It was a hard choice to give up a blog that was 15 years old, but I feel confident in my decisions!

If you every have any food blogging questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Wishing you the best of success in this food blogging adventures. It can be tough out there, but don’t give up. Pushing on through failures helps you to succeed.

Dawn - name in cursive.