• Instant Pot Italian Chicken and Pasta
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    Instant Pot Italian Chicken and Pasta

    I have finally got the Instant Pot Italian chicken and pasta created! It took a little while and a couple oops along the way but it is now perfected. I originally created this in my Ninja Auto IQ here – Italian Chicken and Pasta. I adapted it to the Instant Pot too for you. How to Make it in the Instant Pot For those who have both the Ninja Auto IQ and the Instant Pot, please note the difference in steps (especially the cheese.) In the Ninja, it is throw and go. Instant Pot Italian chicken and pasta is a little more involved but delicious and worth it 🙂 Only…

  • Italian Chicken and Pasta
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    Italian Chicken and Pasta

    So last night we were going to have a dinner that is pre-programmed into our Ninja Auto IQ – it is one that we have the recipe for in the book it came with.  Problem was that I realized I had forgot an ingredient at the store and didn’t feel like going back out.  Oh well, let’s just make up our own recipe 😏 so that is what we did.  We changed it quite a bit.  Both ways are delicious! And so the Italian Chicken and Pasta came about. I am trying to get it down in the Instant Pot (and I think I almost have it.) I am sure…

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    Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

    Updated February 25, 2019 Grilling season is coming up around the corner (I know, I am super excited!) Salads are the go to here when grilling. They make the perfect and easy side dish to just about anything. Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad is one of our favorites here in our house. Just make it in the morning and it is done and waiting for you. This makes it easier to pay attention to the grill. This makes a lot so it is great for a picnic. We make it and have it for a couple nights. This is an old post that I revised since I started using my new…