Q4 Food Blog Challenge Day 1 – Declutter

Welcome to Day 1 of the Q4 food blog challenge. We have a lot to cover over the next 7 days but you can definitely do it, you got this! I am here to cheer you on through this adventure. Day 1 is all about reducing clutter. I know it may sound crazy to some, but it is very important for productivity.

First thing today is for you to download the workbook that comes with the challenge. You will want to print it out so you have it next to you as you are working on your blog to make it easier. Flipping between too many tabs can lead to too many distractions for many people, me included. This is why I intentionally made this pdf not editable. If you like to organize online, you can certainly do so after completing the challenge with your organized data!

7 day Q4 blog challenge You do not need a Microsoft account to download the workbook.

Day 1 – Reduce Clutter

I was the queen of sticky notes and notebooks all over so if this is you, I totally get you! But clutter reduces your productivity levels, trust me I do know this.

Today’s challenge will be all about reducing clutter in your mind, on your desk and your workspace (likely your kitchen.) Clutter can lead to anxiety and overwhelm. For me it meant to practically shut down for a while because I just couldn’t handle it well.

Your desk and/or workspace

I want to you look around at your desk. Is it neatly organized? If not, it is the first place we will start. If your desk and workspace need some organizing, please print out 2 copies of page 3. One for each.

While looking at your desk (if it’s a mess), I want you to think about what can be removed and how you can organize what needs to stay. If you have a bunch of important notes, try a binder with folders organized by subject.

Maybe you have a lot of sticky notes all over your desk. If you do, go through them all. Keep a notebook or a calendar to write on close by. Write down anything important from all of them. Crumple them up and throw them out!

Desk looks better already, right?

How about your workspace (likely the kitchen), is that organized? An unorganized kitchen while you are trying to do photo and/or video shoots can be very overwhelming! If it is a mess (mine quite often was), write down some things that will help you organize. If you cannot organize it now, be sure to work on it as soon as you can.

Your mind

This was sounds a bit crazy I am sure. But with everything that has been happening, many of us have been carrying excess thoughts that drag us down. I recommend you do this exercise whether you feel stressed or not. It is good to do occasionally.

We get very busy as food bloggers and we have a lot to remember. This can lead to a cluttered mind and reduced productivity! Which also leads to stress and burnout. Something you want to avoid anytime, let alone Q4.

Take the Day 1 (declutter your mind) worksheet and write down the many thoughts you have in your head. Now sort through and decide what is really important and what can be mentally thrown out.

What will really benefit you in life or business and what is just a weight in your mind?

Wrap up

I hope this encourages you to declutter your workspace, desk and mind! It will help you to be more productive in Q4. Remember, Q4 is a big quarter and you don’t want to go into it stressed and burned out.

You want a clear mind for tomorrow’s challenge – going through posts to find the best ones for Q4.

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