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Are you blogging legally? There are 3 legal pages that every blog should have and they are easier then you think to create. Do you have these legal pages on your blog? This is for all blogs and websites, not just food blogs.

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I know legal is a word that not many people like to hear or talk about unless they are a lawyer, but let’s be honest you do not want to be caught in a lawsuit! I get it that legal stuff scares you. It does me too because I honestly don’t know the law like a lawyer does. I will be the first to admit that I needed help getting set up with the blog legal pages.

There are many reasons businesses get sued. They can violate privacy and be sued (for a lot of money too), maybe you forgot your disclaimer and somebody got hurt taking your advice or really the list goes on. This is why it is super important to have a professional write your pages!

When I first started my food blog I remember thinking to myself “I really should hire a lawyer to be sure my privacy policy is right.” Truth is in the beginning, I couldn’t afford that. Lawyers are expensive! With good reason, they go through a lot of schooling and understand language in documents that I can read all day with no real clue what it meant.

Did you know that you can use legal templates that are drafted by a business lawyer for fraction of the cost of a lawyer? Seriously, these templates will help you create the important legal pages in a matter of minutes!


This is our honest review of A Self Guru’s legal bundle. We are not a lawyer, please consult with a lawyer if you have questions about your businesses needs.

What are the 3 legal pages every blog needs?

Whether you are a hobby blogger or turning your blog into a business, you do need to have legal pages to protect yourself from lawsuits and fines. A Self Guru’s legal bundle has all of these templates ready for you to customize to your site and she has some bonuses too!

Privacy policy

Every single blog or website needs to have one. I know some people think that they are exempt because they do not collect personal information like names and emails or they are not making money. It does not matter if you are a hobby blogger or a big business, your blog needs a privacy policy. It is the law and you will get fined if you are found without one.

If somebody from the FTC were to visit your site, would they find your privacy policy and is it worded properly? I have seen people piece together their privacy policy based on other people’s site. What if they pieced theirs together too? Also their privacy policy is their own and is usually copyright protected.

Be sure you are GDPR and CCPA compliant too!


While this helps protect you from lawsuits worded properly, this is also required by law. Even if you are not making any money yet, this is still one of the blog legal pages you need.

What happens when somebody takes your advice but something goes wrong? If you do not have a properly worded disclaimer, they may be able hold you liable.

I have my link to my disclaimer in my affiliate disclosure and also in the footer of all my pages.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions is another page you need. It is one that I had overlooked before listening to Amira speak at one of the blogging summits I attended. Terms and conditions is a very important legal page for blogs and websites.

It basically lays out the rules for your site and your content. This lets people know what they can and can’t do with your content. It also goes over what to do in case of mediation or what court will be used if somebody does sue you. Do you want to fly 5000 miles if somebody does happen to sue you or would you rather it be set in writing that they have to come to you.

There are many things that the terms and conditions cover and it is important to have it on your site!

How did I hear about A Self Guru?

I like to go to blogging summits every year. Many of them are online and some are paid while some are free with an option to upgrade.

I do love them and you learn a lot from the different speakers! Now I have interacted with Amira in popular blogging Facebook groups before but usually with quick questions somebody had asked. If you do not know her, Amira is a lawyer who also created a successful blogging business.

Fast forward to the blog summit. She was one of the speakers at the summit. I did have an ok (kind of poorly written) privacy policy and disclaimer before hearing her speak. Honestly, I had put together what I was sure to be right using a free template – HUGE mistake. Seriously, this is your business do not cut corners on the legal side!

When she was talking about the terms and conditions I was like “oh crap I don’t have that!” And then I thought about it, my privacy policy and disclaimer were not the best either. Yes I had them, but not properly written.

I knew I had to do something!

Using A Self Guru’s legal bundle templates

Comprehensive legal bundles - starter legal bundle, vip legal bundle and premium legal bundle.

Ok so I was a little unsure at first about spending extra money because I had been spending a lot lately. We went with a new theme for this blog and a lot of other things adding up. But then I thought about it, would I rather be protected or be in a law suit?

It was a no brainer here, buy the templates! They are written by a lawyer so they are professional and what you need for all your blog’s legal pages. And so that is how this amazing journey began.

I went with the VIP bundle here because I will be needing a lot of the templates in it. As I expand my business (we have 5 blogs), I will be working with brands and selling products.

Using them – They are the easiest pages you will ever create! Seriously, you base it on things that are relevant to your blog. She includes detailed instructions on what you need to keep and how to customize it along with what to add to be relevant to your business.

She has a support group on Facebook to get help from the community and she has amazing support when you reach out to them! I had a question for my food blog and I got a response very quickly about how to do it.

Set up for my blog legal pages took me about 30 minutes all together from customizing to getting them up on my sites!

Which bundle is best?

There are 3 legal bundles to choose from and which one you decide on depends on your business needs.

I went with the VIP bundle so that I was able to get all the templates I would need throughout my blogging career. In time I will be using many of the templates. It was best for me to buy them now then to spend more on upgrading later. The VIP bundle has everything the starter and premium have plus 10 additional legal templates along with 16 bonuses. It really is the best deal!

If you are just starting out, you can with the starter bundle just to be sure you have the 3 most important legal pages for your blog. She has 9 bonuses added including templates to be GDPR compliant, contracts for sponsored posts and lawful use of website clause.

If you are planning on hiring contractors or doing guest posts but not sure you can buy the VIP, the premium is perfect! It has everything the starter bundle has plus 6 templates and 13 bonuses.

So are the legal templates worth it?

For me, yes this legal bundle is worth every penny and much more! I would not have been able to create these legally required pages professionally without the templates unless I hired a lawyer. Usually when I buy a product I find pros and cons but to be honest, I have not found any cons to buying them.

They are written by a licensed lawyer who also runs a successful blog so she knows the legal side of blogging. She made them so easy to use and she is easy to get ahold of if you have any questions or issues while setting them up.

These legal templates make it easy to get your legal pages on your blog in minutes and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer.

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