• Instant Pot Italian Chicken and Pasta
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    Instant Pot Italian Chicken and Pasta

    I have finally got the Instant Pot Italian chicken and pasta created! It took a little while and a couple oops along the way but it is now perfected. I originally created this in my Ninja Auto IQ here – Italian Chicken and Pasta. I adapted it to the Instant Pot too for you. How to Make it in the Instant Pot For those who have both the Ninja Auto IQ and the Instant Pot, please note the difference in steps (especially the cheese.) In the Ninja, it is throw and go. Instant Pot Italian chicken and pasta is a little more involved but delicious and worth it 🙂 Only…

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    Easy Instant Pot Beef Stew

    A couple weeks ago I felt intimidated by this kitchen gadget called the Instant Pot. I was putting off cooking in it since it seemed overwhelming at the time – like in my post Getting the Instant Pot. Wish I was kidding, but nope I was making it out to be way more complicated then it is! Fast forward a couple weeks and I have made several recipes in it and actually started to make my own already too. And here is where my easy instant pot beef stew was born! Quick and Easy Beef Stew This is so much quicker then making it on the stove, cooking it for…