• Blueberry Banana Pancakes
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    Blueberry Banana Pancakes

    This morning I really wanted to make pancakes and I had blueberries in the freezer. But then I also noticed that I had 2 ripe bananas that were starting to get brown and I knew they wouldn’t make it much longer. Wondering what it would taste like, I decided to make blueberry banana pancakes. I got some funny looks from everybody in the house when I told them what is for breakfast. And I have to admit that they did sound a little bit strange at first to me too. Well, they were a hit! Our poor dog didn’t even get to try one, they were all gone at breakfast…

  • Lasagna soup with veggie rotini
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    Lasagna Soup

    We love lasagna here in our house and I thought why not try to make lasagna soup? It was a cold night and we were in the mood for soup. I know when you see the picture you are probably thinking “wait, those are not lasagna noodles!” Yes, I know they are not. I used the garden veggie rotini by Ronzoni and they are a lot healthier. And what is even cooler is that kids still like them in this so they won’t realize they are getting their veggies. They have a full serving of vegetables in each 4 ounce serving. Win win situation! These are the noodles we use,…

  • Instant Pot Italian Chicken and Pasta
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    Instant Pot Italian Chicken and Pasta

    I have finally got the Instant Pot Italian chicken and pasta created! It took a little while and a couple oops along the way but it is now perfected. I originally created this in my Ninja Auto IQ here – Italian Chicken and Pasta. I adapted it to the Instant Pot too for you. How to Make it in the Instant Pot For those who have both the Ninja Auto IQ and the Instant Pot, please note the difference in steps (especially the cheese.) In the Ninja, it is throw and go. Instant Pot Italian chicken and pasta is a little more involved but delicious and worth it 🙂 Only…

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    Cast Iron Boneless Chicken Thighs

    Cast iron boneless chicken thighs are a dish that everybody loves here. No worries, they are easy to make. They have crunchies to add a great flavor to the top of them, but you do have to do them in a cast iron pan. You will not get these crunchies with another pan. Have I mentioned my love affair with my cast iron pan before? Yeah I probably have before. It is one of the most versatile pans one can have in their kitchen! New to cast iron and not convinced you will like them? Learn more about why I love my cast iron pans. Enough about my pans, lets…

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    Easy Instant Pot Beef Stew

    A couple weeks ago I felt intimidated by this kitchen gadget called the Instant Pot. I was putting off cooking in it since it seemed overwhelming at the time – like in my post Getting the Instant Pot. Wish I was kidding, but nope I was making it out to be way more complicated then it is! Fast forward a couple weeks and I have made several recipes in it and actually started to make my own already too. And here is where my easy instant pot beef stew was born! Quick and Easy Beef Stew This is so much quicker then making it on the stove, cooking it for…

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    Dawn’s Amazing Meatloaf

    Meatloaf is something we enjoy here in our household when it is homemade. I don’t eat it out tho and probably never will. It is easy to make and is a flavorful dish that everybody looks forward to. But the thought of it in a diner kind of scares me. I Tried Something New in our Meatloaf I have been making meatloaf for years and have tried a few different recipes. They were all good, but I wanted something without a ton of added extra ingredients. Something simple and better for you. We have tried ones with stuffing in it – this is really good but the ingredients in the…

  • Cast Iron Leg Quarters
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    Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Leg Quarters

    One thing I love and will never give up (no matter how many gadgets I get) is my cast iron pans. Did I say never? Ok, we are clear. It can be intimidating to some, but it is my favorite go to when doing chicken leg quarters in a skillet. I am pretty convinced that once you try cast iron, you too will love it. There are several things I make in it including parmesan pan fried chicken – made with boneless chicken breasts. This is an easy two step recipe that you fry the leg quarters and then bake but no worries, you are using the same pan for…

  • Italian Chicken and Pasta
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    Italian Chicken and Pasta

    So last night we were going to have a dinner that is pre-programmed into our Ninja Auto IQ – it is one that we have the recipe for in the book it came with.  Problem was that I realized I had forgot an ingredient at the store and didn’t feel like going back out.  Oh well, let’s just make up our own recipe 😏 so that is what we did.  We changed it quite a bit.  Both ways are delicious! And so the Italian Chicken and Pasta came about. I am trying to get it down in the Instant Pot (and I think I almost have it.) I am sure…

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    Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

    Updated February 25, 2019 Grilling season is coming up around the corner (I know, I am super excited!) Salads are the go to here when grilling. They make the perfect and easy side dish to just about anything. Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad is one of our favorites here in our house. Just make it in the morning and it is done and waiting for you. This makes it easier to pay attention to the grill. This makes a lot so it is great for a picnic. We make it and have it for a couple nights. This is an old post that I revised since I started using my new…