5 Steps To Boost Your Blog Motivation Skills

Are you a food blogger who is losing motivation or feeling frustrated? If so, you’re not alone! Many bloggers struggle to stay motivated, especially when it comes to blogging. Thankfully, there are several simple steps that any blogger can take to help boost their blog motivation skills and kick-start the creative process again. Here are 5 tips for boosting your blog motivation and help set you on the path towards success.

Are you losing motivation? A laptop open on a desk with the word blog on it.

It is no secret that food blogging can be tough. While blogging in any niche can be tough, food blogging is probably one of the toughest niches. I have a few blogs and can say that it takes a lot more work to keep my food blog going then this blog or my lifestyle blog.

We have a lot to do every day and sometimes you can feel pretty beat up, this is normal. I can’t begin to remember how many times I felt like walking away in the beginning. So glad I didn’t, but I totally get how you are feeling if you are lacking the blog motivation.

Motivation is the one variable that allows you to push yourself when those around you give up and seek out one challenge after another to conquer.

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Know Your Why

While it may seem obvious, knowing your reasoning and passion behind anything you pursue is critical. This is important for anything in life, not just blog motivation. But we are going to stick to blogging here in this post.

When you first set out on a goal or achievement, your “why” for doing so typically starts out pretty clear. And I remember in the beginning my “why” was to make enough money to quit my retail job. However, somewhere in the grind of working towards this goal, this foundation can quickly become obscured.

Make no mistake; any time you are tirelessly working towards something worthwhile, no matter how important, there WILL be days in which you feel less motivated than others. Remaining conscientious of why you started in this first place serves as your second (or third, or fourth) wind to get back up and keep pushing.

Every time you start to lose your blog motivation, I want you to think about why you are running a food blog. Is it for your family to keep the recipes online? Maybe it is to replace your out of the home job or maybe it is just a hobby. Sit and think about your why, write down on paper (I love to journal.) Put it somewhere you can see often as a reminder.

You can even take pictures and hang them up so it is a constant reminder. Like a picture of you with the words “here is my 2 weeks notice.” Anything that you will look at it and say “yes, this is WHY I am doing this!”

Know Your Direction

Where am I going with this? A woman sitting and thinking with a thought bubble above her head that says blog.

Extreme motivation has a tendency to cause one to put their head down and work like a maniac. While there are times that this mindset is beneficial, some sense of direction must be maintained. Big goals rarely consist of point A and point B.

Instead, it is important to have a general outline in mind of each specific step towards your destination. So yes, while keeping your nose to the grindstone is a must, looking up every now and then to adjust and begin the next phase of your blueprint is the only way to continue heading in the right direction!

Blogging is not a “do this, this and this then poof success.” It is a “let’s try this to see if it works for us because the last thing didn’t.” So you will be tweaking your steps in your outline, but it is important to know your direction so you can keep your decisions and work in line with your goals.

Lacking any direction in your blog will quickly destroy your motivation to keep writing. When you don’t have a plan or goals for what you’re trying to do with your blog, it can be difficult to stay focused and motivated on creating new content.

Not having any idea of where you want to go or what topics you want to write about can make it difficult to stay interested, and without a direction or purpose, you may find yourself quickly becoming bored with your blog and giving up on it.

Setting goals, writing down ideas for topics to explore, and creating an actionable plan will help keep your blog motivation strong and ensure that you’re always motivated to continue writing content for your blog.

Allow Small Victories

I did it! A man and a woman sitting in the front seats of a car giving each other a high five.

No matter how much (or little) motivation you have towards a goal, failing to enjoy small successes in pursuit of the finish line is a sure fire way to run out of gas before you get there. Did you reach the 1000 pageviews this month that you were working for? Celebrate it and push on!

While resting on your laurels and settling for less than what you want must be avoided, depriving yourself of fulfillment along the way is also detrimental. In pursuit of your goals, take some time to reward yourself when you accomplish one of the (many) small steps to get there.

Not celebrating the small steps will drain your blog motivation pretty quickly. You don’t need to go big with your celebrations, just reward yourself. Do you love a Starbucks drink? I sure do! And I like to celebrate little wins with a nice Venti drink (I have a few favs so which one depends on the season.)

If it is a bigger win, we go out to dinner as a family. As a food blogger going out to eat can be a HUGE reward, am I right?

You Versus You, Not You Versus Them

Apples to oranges. An apple on one side of a seesaw and an orange on the other to show a comparison.

This is a step that almost all of us need to hear and holy crap did it take a long time to sink in my stubborn head. Keep in mind that your goals are YOUR goals. Letting other people’s pursuits dictate what you strive for is a slippery slope.

After all, you will never find the blog motivation required to achieve anything great without a personal conviction to do so. Whatever it is your goals are, the only comparison to be made is to the person you were the day before.

Do NOT compare yourself to other food bloggers (or any other bloggers.) We all start out with different goals and skill sets. I see people ask “how many blog posts do I need to get traffic?” Or “how long did it take for you to make a full time income?” Those can be dangerous questions.

Comparing your success and goals to other bloggers will ruin your blog motivation faster then milk turning sour with lemon juice poured in it. If I see that one person makes $5000 a month after 3 years of blogging but I am only making say $400 a month after 5 years (just throwing numbers out here), I am going to feel pretty beat up.

But there may be many reasons they make a lot more – maybe they had a great sense of direction and their blog motivation was through the roof. Maybe they had a blogging coach keeping them accountable. There are thousands of variables here.

You can certainly ask for advice as maybe they can give you some tips, but don’t compare or sweat it over the difference in success.

Controlled Tunnel Vision

Consider this fact: whatever big goal or achievement you are after most likely involves only one facet of your life – your business. Whether this goal is to be home with the kids or retire from your 9-5 (or whatever your goals are), the rest of your life is not going to stop while you go after it.

Yes you may be saying that “it’s not just one facet, it’s for my family.” Yes it is, but don’t forget about your family while you are focused on your blog. It is inevitable that much of your motivation and energy is going to be focused on the biggest victory you are after.

However, I can assure you that your sense of fulfillment will be diminished upon reaching the finish line once you realized that you have neglected every other facet of who you are to get there. Balance is always key. Don’t let the rest of your life fall to the wayside while you chase one dream!

Yes put your all into your blog, it’s your business, but don’t neglect time with family to do it.


In conclusion, the 5 tips for blog motivation discussed in this article are key to staying on track and maintaining a successful food blog. Knowing your why, understanding your direction and allowing yourself small victories can help you stay motivated and inspired as you work on your blog. It’s also important not to compare yourself with other food bloggers and have controlled tunnel vision. By following these tips, you can find the motivation and dedication to keep your blog going for years to come.

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