About Us

This site was started in 2011 as a mom blog to help parents with ideas, tips and even a few laughs along the way. Parenting is wonderful but can be challenging at the same time and that is why this blog was started.

In the beginning we went by Daily Adventures of a Work at Home Mom. You might even remember that name. It was a catchy name and it fit when I started it because I was a mom who was working at home and had adventures to share.

I recently renovated our site to be more fitting since it really isn’t about working at home. The change to Dawn Conklin was one that I believed to be the best. This has been the domain name and really, this is a random blog for everybody so we will keep it a place for people to learn more about life stuff and how we do things. It is a lot of cooking, with some other advice about life and parenting. Oh and did I mention my love for lattes?

This isn’t my only blog and it wasn’t my first blog, but it is a place where you can learn more about the silly mom behind the scenes of my other blogs! I also recently started a blog that is just for recipes and tips. It is called The Kitchen and a Latte and I am sure you can find some delicious food there 🙂

Who is This Blog For?

I write for everybody and hopefully everybody will get something they enjoy out of it. If you love cooking, every day life tips, and even blogging tips then you will be right at home here.

You will find recipes for various cooking devices – we have all sorts of cooking gadgets and cookware. Most but not all of the recipes you will find here are healthy, sometimes you need a quick meal and that is ok.

My kids are older now but I still have many tips to share. Kids always do something to surprise you, so I am sure your kids have done things that mine haven’t! But I have experience with surprises so I can usually offer sound advice.

Most importantly, I aim to help you laugh and learn something new.

Who am I?

Hello, I am Dawn! I am a mom who is doing the best I can for my kids (two legged and four legged.) My kids are older now (tho not all adults yet) but I still have some advice to give. And our puppy, ah our sweet boy, has a lot to learn as so do we.

I have been blogging since 2007 when I first started a blog about working at home called – Dawn’s Work at Home Blog. I started it before I really knew what a blog was. Boy have I come a long way since then!

My favorite hobbies are hiking with the pooch, cooking, crocheting, writing and connecting with new people.

Connect With Us!

Like what you see? Connect with us on Pinterest or Facebook 🙂 If you would like to get in touch with me with comments, questions, concerns or anything else you can email me at dawn@dawnconklin.com.