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30 Food Blog Niches to Help You Stand Out

If you’re thinking about starting a food blog, you might be wondering if you need to niche down. The answer is that you don’t necessarily need to, but it can definitely help you stand out from the crowd. There are tons of ways to niche down within the food blogging world, so we’ve put together a list of 30 great food blog niches to get you started!

30 food blog niches to help you stand out. Image of bread dough being kneaded on a flour surface.

It’s no secret that food blogs are some of the most popular blogs on the internet. People love reading about food, looking at beautiful photos of food, and, of course, cooking and eating delicious food.

The truth is, you can certainly find success with a general food blog (ours is a general food blog.) But if you really want to stand out in the crowded food blogging space, it may be worth considering niching down if your lifestyle aligns with a niche.

First we will cover how to decide on a niche and then we have 30 popular food blog niche ideas. It’s important that you decide something right for you and your audience so please do not skip past that section.

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Deciding on a niche

Finding the right niche for your blog with a magnifying glass over the word niche.

One thing you should understand about niching down is that it should be something you are familiar with. Don’t start a dairy free blog if you are not living a dairy free lifestyle. It will show or you may forget and post recipes that do not jive with the diet.

People who are on specific diets are going to be looking up to you to help them with their recipes, please be sure you are familiar!

First thing I recommend for deciding on a niche is to think about your cooking and lifestyle. What are you good at and what do you enjoy? Seriously, you will be eating and cooking this kind of food a lot for your blog.

Are you on a specific diet? That is perfect if you are because boom, you just figured out your best niche! You know all about it and have been living it yourself so now you can definitely help others.

But what about people like me who are on the seefood diet (purposely misspelled.) What is this? Well I call it the seefood diet because I see food and I eat it… While I have some foods I don’t like (or don’t like me), I don’t follow any specific diet at all.

No worries, you can still niche down. Do you have experience in meal planning or cooking for a big family? Maybe you are amazing at the grill. You will see the list of food blog niches below and find something I am sure if niching down is what you want to do.

Food blog niches

Ok we are going to dive right in! There are a couple of these that can be combined together like say you can be gluten and dairy free.

By diet

Specific diet niches. Image of a cheerful woman about to bite into a cherry tomato.

There are many other diets, these are just a few that are popular.

  1. Gluten free
  2. Dairy free
  3. Allergy free – for allergies to certain foods
  4. Whole30
  5. Paleo
  6. Keto
  7. Unprocessed foods
  8. Vegan – please only do this if you are vegan even if you recently became vegan. Do not mix vegan with meats/animal products on your blog.
  9. Vegetarian
  10. Mediterranean diet

By meal

specific meal niches. image of 3 plates with different appetizers to snack on.
  1. Breakfast – smoothies, eggs, pancakes for example.
  2. Lunch – different from dinner. Usually simple sandwiches, soups and salads as an example.
  3. Dinner
  4. Dessert – you can niche down more for baking, but then you have to stick to baked desserts.
  5. Snacks and appetizers
  6. Drinks – not actually a meal but is a good food blog niche! Can be alcohol or non alcohol. I personally stay away from cocktail recipes, but I don’t really drink them much either. Coffee and tea are great ones to add to drink blogs (assuming you are not a cocktail blog.) If you start a latte blog, please do share with me (I LOVE a good latte!)

Cooking method

Cooking method niches. Image of an Instant Pot behind a measuring cup of rice.
  1. Baked – can be anything that goes in the oven (any meals/desserts) or you can niche down to specific meals like desserts or dinner.
  2. Grilling – can be niched down to charcoal, gas, smoker, pellet or can be grilling in general and include various grills to cook on.
  3. Slow cooker – slow cooker, air fryer and Instant Pot can be combined but don’t have to be.
  4. Instant Pot
  5. Air fryer

You can use stove top as well, but I don’t know that it is a very profitable food blog niche since many recipes on many blogs are cooked on a stove top.

Other – great food blog niches for those not on specific diets

other great niches. Image of food prepped in single serve containers ready to eat.

There are a lot of great niches that do not quite fall into a cooking method or diet. These can be profitable here and perfect for people like me on the seefood diet haha!!

  1. Family meal planning – busy moms and dads will love you!
  2. Family meals – you don’t have to do meal plans, just family meals will do great
  3. International cuisine – please only do this if you are very familiar with the cuisine. As much as I love Asian food, I am by far no expert and I have no Asian history in my family. I do not understand cooking methods enough to post Asian recipes.
  4. Cooking for 1-2 people – this can be great! We have a recipe group on Facebook and people are looking for meals for 1-2 people. I think this can be a profitable food blog niche!
  5. Quick and easy meals
  6. Cheap meals on a budget – if you can show people how to eat fairly healthy on a budget, they will love you!
  7. Entertaining – think big game day, graduations, birthday parties.
  8. Recipes for college students
  9. Freezer meals – meals you can prep and put in the freezer with simple directions when it is time to prepare.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to niche down on my food blog?

No you don’t! It is recommended that you do or stick to a couple similar food blog niches so you can easily grow an engaged audience, but we did not niche down here. Our food blog has various cooking methods and various recipes for all meals.

Should I niche down?

If you find that one of the food blog niches are something you are already doing and familiar with, then yes definitely you should! Do not niche down into something you are not familiar with. A general recipe blog will do much better then a niche you are not familiar with.
We did not niche down because my cooking and lifestyle does not follow any exact method or diet.

Do I have to niche down from day 1?

No you do not! You will find what works, what you are passionate about and it will fall into place. You can always pick your food blog niche later on. Do not hold of starting your blog over the idea of picking a niche.
You can grow it into a specific niche or do like me and keep it a general recipe blog!


As you can see, there are a ton of different options when it comes to niching down in the food blogging world! If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, no worries – remember that you can always start off general and then gradually niche down as your blog grows and evolves over time.

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30 popular food blog niches Pinterest graphic. Image of bread dough being kneaded on a floured surface.

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