The Choice to homeschool

The Choice to Homeschool

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The choice to home school a child or send your child to a public school isn’t always the easiest choice to make. Sometimes parents feel like they have to pick the “right” choice based on what others tell them or believe.

When we first thought about homeschooling our younger daughter, we heard a lot from others telling us how hard it would be. Some told us that they NEED public school. Truth is, they need what you feel is best for them. If you feel that you can offer them a great and rewarding education, then that is what they need. If you feel that they would do better with a more traditional school setting, then public school is better then home.

There is no right or wrong based on what others tell you. Every family has it’s own unique situation and only your family knows what is right for you.

Making our decision

We started out in public school. And we have only started to homeschool this year, but a couple months before the pandemic hit so we were already homeschooling before remote learning. Our adventures started with 8th grade going into high school here.

Some of the family disagreed with our decision, but it was the best decision we made! Why is that? We can be flexible with our learning here. All states are different for curriculum, but even with stricter guidelines you can follow your own schedule. A great resource to look up your state is here – Homeschool Laws By State.

In the coming months I will be sharing some cool places to get some ideas for homeschooling, especially during the teen years. There are many things we use for free or low cost for our education here. And the field trips can be really fun too 🙂

Why did we decide to start?

The biggest reason here was the curriculum and the way they were taught it. I don’t like to point fingers at what was wrong and why it was wrong so I will just leave it as the way they were teaching.

By high school they were never properly taught the states and capitals – and common core math…I don’t even want to get into that one!

I remember helping my older daughter with math the way I was taught. Common core makes it complicated and she struggled with it until I helped her. Well she got called on my the teacher to go up in front of the class to solve something on the board. She was told well that is wrong. Wondering how she asked what the answer was. He told her the answer was correct but she did it wrong.

Yes I was one frustrated mama!

What is right for me?

I recommend sitting down and discussing the pros and cons of homeschooling with the whole household so everybody is on the same page. Or if your children are young, then you could probably leave it all up to the adults.

Now you need to understand that this is a commitment, but one worth committing to! If you do decide this is the right path for you, look into the laws for your state. Then see if you have to follow a certain curriculum, some states you do and some you can create your own with certain guidelines.

If you do homeschool, please check into local groups or be sure you go to local parks for your children to play. They do not need to be in school with other kids, but they do need play and some interaction as they grow.

Do parents get paid for homeschooling?

Short answer is no. This is an option that parents choose while there is an option of free public school, so no you do not get paid. You are not an employer here.

There are things that you may be able to claim on taxes for it tho – consult with a tax expert as there are many rules for when and how something can be claimed. I am not an accountant and there are so many variables.

Is it hard to homeschool my child?

This one depends on if you are used to public school and pulled them out or never sent them to public school, but really no it isn’t as hard as you think it is. But on the same note, it isn’t as easy as some make it out to be either. But is life easy? Not really, what fun would that be?

It is just an adjustment when you homeschool your child if they have been in the public school first. At home they don’t need the 8 AM to 3 PM for 5 days a week school. They will adjust from having a day packed with classes to having a more flexible schedule.

For us it was hard in the beginning because we started in the middle of 8th grade. So we went from being used to her going to school to me being the teacher. Instead of the school picking out the curriculum, I had to do it.

I could never teach a classroom full of kids math lessons, but I can work with my child through her math book. We sit down and do it together. We find that she is going through it quicker then in a classroom full of other children.

In conclusion

Ultimately you are the only one that can make the decision to homeschool or not. Personally I think it is the best choice we have made and do wish we started sooner, but you will find what works best for you.

We will be sharing various resources that we have found useful throughout our adventure, but please be sure to follow your state’s or country’s guidelines for homeschooling.

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