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Planning Your Own Wedding

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Planning your wedding day

Did you get engaged this Valentine’s Day? Congrats and we wish you a happy marriage! It is a big day for engagements and other amazing things. No matter what day you get engaged, planning your wedding can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. Yes it can be a big excitement but then you quickly get overwhelmed when you notice all the details involved.

Here are a few tips to keep yourself sane and on track during the planning. There is more to do, but these tips will help you out with your planning.

This post contains affiliate links which means that if you purchase something after clicking the links here on our site, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps me keep content free for you and keeps the coffee brewing at our house.

Ask for Help Planning Your Wedding

This will be the best day of your life, marrying your true love, your best friend. Trust me you will get it all together 🙂 But planning a wedding shouldn’t be done alone. Having help will make it much more enjoyable and less stressful.

You can (but don’t have to) hire a wedding planner. I personally prefer to turn to friends and family since they know you better then anybody. Your friends are always there for you and want what is best for you. I am sure that they will be just as excited as you! And be sure to keep your fiance in the loop. The two of you are going to be sharing the rest of your lives together, be sure you are working together for you wedding as well.

Planning your own wedding can be a lot of fun so before you rush out to give all of the fun to a professional, check out this free resource from Shari’s Berries – 12 Free Wedding Planner Binder Printables. This will help greatly and even if you decide to hire somebody, this will be a great resource to have so you have a sense of direction!

Do not feel guilty if you hire a planner instead of turning to your bestie either. It is your day and your choice. She can still be a part of it if you choose, but sometimes we feel more confident with a professional.

Not all Wedding Invitations are the Same

Do be careful with who you choose to do your invitations. Request samples to see what they will look like. One place I like is Paperless Post. I am not affiliated so I do not earn a commission on any sale resulting from you clicking over there. They make it easy to design from templates or adding your own pictures. You can do digital delivery (or traditional) so you know if people opened your invite. Paperless Post is not just for weddings either, I had done a post a while back about them as well – Creating Your Own Personalized Stationary.

Whoever you choose to use for your invitations, be sure to create some early and try them out first. What they look like online might not be what they look like in person.

Create Bridal and Wedding Registries

To insure you get what you really want, be sure to create registries. Not everybody will know what you want or need. Some people live together for years before getting married and have a lot of plates and silverware. You may not need any but it is a popular wedding gift when people don’t know what to get.

I would create some at brick and mortar stores for some people who only shop in the stores. Many people are still not comfortable with shopping online. I also would create registries online. Definitely create one at Amazon – who doesn’t love shopping at Amazon, right?

How to Pay for Your Wedding?

Some people have money saved up which is great – seriously it is not easy to save a lot for a wedding and a house together. Pat yourself on the back if you did!

Whether you saved enough money or not, it could be a huge benefit to use credit cards to pay for the wedding. The rewards, think of the rewards! Want to learn more about all the advantages and great cards? You will love How to Rack up Credit Card Rewards from Your Wedding from I absolutely love their site for credit tips and advice. Their site is free to use and gives you amazing tips on credit cards and other credit advice.

Other Great Articles for Planning Your Wedding

If you Google about planning your wedding, you will get a ton of things coming up! These are the 3 articles that I think are great for couples who are planning their own wedding. They are even worth the read if you decide to hire a planner.

The magazine Real Simple has a great checklist on their site called The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist. It is free and definitely something you will want to check out. It breaks down when you should do each part of the planning.

Brides also has a great article for brides who are planning their own wedding. Even if you are hiring a wedding planner, I would read 33 Tips for a Bride Planning Her Own Wedding.

LifeHacker has an article that will help you simplify your planning along with some ways to save money too. The article The Best Tools to Simplify Your Wedding Planning is great place to find tools from printing your invitations to deciding where to have your wedding.

Trouva has an article that I absolutely love and think the wedding party and the guests will enjoy this! The Ultimate Wedding Guest Guide is an article that will help the guests with some great gift ideas – soon to be Mrs, you might find some things you really like there wink wink. They also offer some tips for the guests to dress nicely for your wedding. We all want our day to be perfect and I am sure your guests do too!

Wishing You the Perfect Day

Remember this is your day, well of course your fiance’s day too 🙂 The decisions being made need to be what you want them to be. Do not let anybody else talk you into plans that you are not happy with.

You are the one in control and calling the plans. Everybody can help you but please do not let somebody walk over you with decisions. This sounds obvious but can happen easier then you think.

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be scary, it can be very fun. So have some fun with it and do it the way you want. We wish you the perfect day and a very happy rest of your life together!

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