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Getting the Instant Pot

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I have been playing with the idea of getting the Instant Pot since Christmas 2017. Yup for a little over a year I have been debating. We had just got the Ninja Auto IQ multi cooker around then and figured I didn’t need another cooker. Nobody I know really knew much about the Instant Pot at that point. I honestly thought it was similar to gadgets I already had. Fast forward to today and all I see are recipes for this raved about pressure cooker! Everywhere online are yummy recipes for it and so I decided that now was the time to be one of the cool kids.

I really thought that my Ninja would do everything the same (little did I know!) Do not get me wrong, I love my Ninja and wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is an amazingly simple go to small appliance so please don’t think that I am retiring it. Only thing is that it isn’t a pressure cooker. At least not the one we have, they do have them now. What else can I put a bunch of ingredients into one big dish and turn it onto a particular preset meal number and viola, dinner is served in around 30 minutes (give or take depending on the recipe) like our Italian Chicken and Pasta. It knows when to saute, when to turn the oven bake on and when to use stove top. My Auto IQ can do everything (except be a pressure cooker.) Sorry little buddy but you can’t be everything.

Adapting to my Instant Pot

So now I have the Instant Pot but I haven’t taken it out of the box yet. I need to find recipes that I want to make in it. There are so many online that I am struggling to decide which one to do! And it has to be an easy one to start. Not sure why, but it almost seems complicated to use to me when I see the recipes. Maybe it is me adapting from a device that does it all with one button and I need to expand. I often make complicated meals on the stove and in the oven but keep my gadgets simple.

Once I get the hang of it then I am sure I will be sharing our own recipes but I have got to figure out how it works and try other recipes first.
Now I must tell myself “just take it out of the box and make anything even if it is dessert!”

If you have been thinking about getting the Instant Pot, this is the one I got:

They had a bigger one and a more expensive one, but I don’t think I need to go all out with the expensive ones. This one will definitely work. It’s a 6 qt so it is close to the size of my crockpots and it is the same size as my Ninja. The 8 Qt was tempting to get but I don’t imagine needing it that often for 4 of us, even with my family’s appetites!

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