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We Have Adopted This Cute Guy

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He may not look like a puppy, but he is still a puppy 🙂 Not sure how much more he will grow but he
is not quite done yet.  We don’t know his full story before coming into the shelter, but we know that he is a rescue pup! He is still in the chewing phase and he chewed right through his retractable leash…sigh.  But he didn’t do it to break loose, just to chew on something.  It was the first day he used that leash too lol!

We first saw him online at  I highly recommend checking out their site if you are looking for a pet.  They do have cats listed too.  Whichever you are looking for, you will find some shelter pets in need of a new and loving home.

It is easy to use, just enter your zip code to see animals close to you or within so many miles.  You can choose different filters like if you are looking for a cat or a dog and if you are looking for a specific breed, you can search by breed too.

I am not affiliated in anyway with (other then me using them to find this adorable guy.)  I just wanted to share them because we think they are a great resource for finding pets in need of adoption.

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