Saturday Crafts for Kids

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Michaels store in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Michaels store in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do your kids enjoy doing crafts? I know you are probably thinking that is a silly question, right? Well we love crafts here and we discovered a few months back that Michaels (the craft store) has something they call kids club.  It is a time for kids to do a fun craft on Saturdays and it is from 10 AM – 12 PM.  I believe the hours for it are the same at all the locations, but you may want to call your local Michaels to be sure.

At kids craft they make whatever the days craft is.  The supplies are included and there is a staff member there to assist them in making it.  Last week they made Mother’s Day cards and this week I think is a frame but I cannot remember for sure.  The cost is only $2 per child and everything is included! You cannot beat that really.  You can hang with your child or walk around the store and shop while they are crafting.  It is a fun time kids and I highly recommend it if you live close enough to a Michaels store.

We are not affiliated with Michaels and receive no compensation for this post.  We are just customers who enjoy going to their store! Hope you have a wonderful day and if you do go to the kid’s club on a Saturday, bring your smartphone.  They usually have coupons to use (not on the club craft but you could use it if shopping) and they take coupons off your phone.  Their coupons are on their site for each week – http://www.michaels.com

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