Tiny White Fuzzy Jumping Bugs?

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Have you ever seen a tiny white fuzzy bug that looks almost like a tiny cottonball? I wish I could say this is a story my kids wrote for our blog, but no this really happen to me yesterday! 

I was in the yard yesterday doing some yard work, even tho it was ridiculously hot outside.  I did take breaks and I got it all done too! Not sure what made me think that yard work was a good idea when the feels like temperature was almost 100 but I couldn’t stand to look at how high the weeds had gotten.  It happened quickly too, it is not like we let the yard work go for long.  Ok onto the true story about the tiny white fuzzy bug.
While I was pulling weeds I saw something tiny that first reminded me of stuff that falls off the cedar tree.  Didn’t think much of it the first time I saw it because we get these little things all over being we have a cedar tree.  But as I am looking at another one that I found, I noticed that it is all white and looks a little bit fuzzy and not solid with a tint of color like the pieces from the cedar tree are.  So I stop for a second to get a better look and figured it was a piece of lint or something from somewhere.  What else was I to think? It was white, tiny and fuzzy just like a real small cottonball only way too small to be a cottonball.
Take note that I was kneeling because I was pulling weeds and stuff.  As I kneel down even closer to the ground because I see another little fuzzy white thing and I was curious where it was coming from, I saw it moving.  Now I was a bit more curious but thought maybe it was just the slight wind moving it.  All of a sudden it jumped (no joke either) about a foot in the air right at me – yikes! You want to talk about me jumping? Ok it was NOT a piece of lint 🙂 Yes my back is now hurting today and I am sure that bug has much to do with it, I haven’t jumped that fast in a very long time!
So I have no idea what this tiny little white fuzzy jumping bug was, but I was finding them all throughout the yard.  I couldn’t believe it jumped as high as it did, but these little buggers sure can jump.  Anybody have any idea what this tiny thing could be or if they bite? I got a couple bites yesterday, but we have so many spiders that every time I pull weeds spiders scatter so I don’t know what actually bit me.  We also have the Asian Tiger Mosquito here now which bites aggressively during the day so I don’t think it was these little white things that got me.

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