Happy Father’s Day :)

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We should always be letting our dads know how great they are, but today is his day and let him know how much you appreciate all he does for you! Dads do so much for their kids.  They play with you as you are growing up, they give us unconditional love and show us how to be responsible adults as we grow up.

Happy Father’s day to dads all over the world: You are awesome and thank you for all you do for your kids and the love you share with them.  You have an important part in your child’s life – even tho sometimes it can be rough going and they may not like the decisions you make.  It is ok, they love you still and will see that your tough decisions were for their own well being.  I know sometimes as a kid you can’t see it being the right decision, but they will thank you for it later.

I remember my dad making some tough decisions and I had a few choice (and not so nice) words to say about it when I was a kid.  I didn’t see that it was for my own good, but trust me I appreciate those tough decisions he made now (and of course my mom made tough ones too.)

Thank you dad for all the fun we had when I was growing up and the fun we still have when we see you.  I know we don’t see you as often as I would like with you living further away, but we do always think about you here! I remember the days of daddy and me play dates, canoeing down the river and having an awesome time 🙂 The days of helping out in the garage because I was having fun hanging out with dad and learning about how you fix the cars! There are so many more thanks and we always did so much together as a family and I will always remember those days.

Happy Father’s Day Dad and thank you.  Happy Father’s Day to my honey too and thank you for being a great dad for our kids!

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