A Twist on Bedtime Story Book Reading

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Many parents read a bedtime story to their children and it helps them fall asleep.  It also is a nice bonding time and kids enjoy it too! There are definitely benefits to reading bedtime stories to your kids.

Well our girls are getting a little bit older and not as interested in me reading them a bedtime story anymore.  There is a new twist on story time here at our house! Both of my girls love to read and they both read on higher grade levels then the grade they are in (yup so proud!)

My younger daughter is a night owl in the summer and so she often stays up quite late when she doesn’t have school.  There are many times that she makes sure that she stays awake late enough to “put me to bed” and then she goes to bed right after me.  No worries, Daddy is still up when she does this until she goes to sleep.

She now (if she can stay awake) stays up until I go to bed.  She comes in and brushes her teeth with me and let’s me finish getting ready for bed while she picks out a book.  She then sits up next to me once I am laying down in bed and reads me the book she picked out.  Just like I would do for her, it is so cute 🙂 There have been times she has told me that she was going to tuck me in before the bedtime story as she is fixing the blanket around me.  Yes I sound spoiled!

This is all her idea and she looks forward to doing this at least a couple times a week in the summer.  It is our little twist on the bedtime story books here.  I am proud of her for picking out difficult books to read too.  She doesn’t reach for the easy one.

Have your children read you a bedtime story in bed?

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