A Bird Attacked my Tomato Plants!

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This year I have been keeping a close eye on my tomato plants and making sure that they don’t start to get

Tomato plant after bird attacked it!

any insects eating them.  I have battled a few pests that attack the plants in the past years and I was being quite cautious this year. This morning I was on the deck having my cup of coffee and looked into the yard to see a bird by the plants.  I birds in our yard throughout the day, usually looking for something to eat and then fly away quickly (after all  there are a bunch of wild cats in the neighborhood.)  I didn’t think much of it since I see them walk the yard and pecking at the ground before quickly flying away every day.

As I am watching this bird, I see it is staying a bit close to the plants the whole time but I couldn’t see what it was doing from the deck.  Then all of a sudden it flew off and away with something green in it’s mouth.  Yikes! I went down to the plants to see what the bird was doing and found a poor tomato plant there with absolutely no leaves on it and only short pieces of the branches were left.  It had gotten a branch or 2 off of a couple other tomato plants too (or another bird did) but not as bad as this poor plant.

This all happen today since birds are not night creatures and the plants were in great shape last night.  I was so frustrated and could not believe that a bird attacked my tomato plants.  It was such a healthy plant too.

I wish I chased it out of the yard, but I have never had this problem before.  I also looked at all the other plants to see if there were any hornworms (trying to give this flying feathered creature the benefit of the doubt) but there was no evidence of the hornworms.  So now I am going to be trying some experiments to see how I can keep them from attacking my garden! I won’t do anything toxic, I prefer to just keep them out of my yard/garden.

If anybody has any advice on how to keep my garden safe, please do share!

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