Trying Some New Vegetables in the Garden

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Chocolate and purple pepper plants

Yesterday was a busy day here! We had bought a variety of vegetable plants and yesterday was the day
 to weed the garden and plant our plants.  Gardening has become a fun hobby and of course the vegetables taste delicious when you grow them!

This year I did it a little differently with the plants.  In the past I have bought a couple plants and then started most of our plants from seeds.  This year we bought mostly plants and the only seeds we bought were pea seeds.  My mom picked them out for me as there was a place by her that was having a great sale on them and she picked out some really nice plants.

tomato plants 

We missed out on the green bell peppers because of the sale – she said she literally just missed them too and the last one was sold shortly before she got there.  But that is ok as we are now able to try a different variety.  She got us some purple peppers, chocolate peppers (don’t think they actually taste like chocolate) and sweet peppers.  We also got a variety of tomatoes, one of which I have never heard of before – pink girl.  And we also have our cucumber plants which we had a lot of luck with in the past.

This year we added the little tag by the plants so I know which ones are which.  In the past I haven’t done so, but this year we have more of a variety of pepper and tomato plants.  We will know which ones are which if we try one and like it better then another.  I planted 5 different kinds of tomatoes and 4 different kinds of peppers so knowing the difference will help!

We got all the plants planted yesterday and we also got our pea seeds planted too.  I am hoping it is not too late in the season for the pea seeds as we have never planted snap peas before.  One of our girls really wanted to buy them to try so we are hoping for the best there 🙂

I can’t wait to try the purple peppers, I bet they will be delicious and they look like they will be shaped like a bell pepper.  I think the chocolate peppers (not the hot variety – there is a chocolate pepper that is hot) is only called chocolate beauty because of it’s color.  Hoping this year will be great for the plants!

Have you started your garden yet? Are you trying anything new this year?

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