Garden Soil pH Experiment With the Kids

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soil pH experiment – baking soda

soil pH experiment

We have had a little garden here for the past few years now.  Our plants have always looked quite healthy and usually any problems we had with the plants could be linked to me not planting at the right time or the weather so we always figured our soil pH was pretty good here.  But we have never actually tested the soil ph before today.

I belong to a cool gardening forum (I get a lot of tips from there) and one of the members had shared a simple way to test your soil’s pH and it looked like a cool experiment to do with my youngest daughter.  She has been helping a lot with the plants and she is really excited about the garden.  This is a fun little science project really and we got to know a little more about our soil pH while we were at it.

soil pH experiment – vinegar

We took 2 jars and put some of our soil in each.  To the one jar we added a half a cup of vinegar to see if it fizzes.  If it fizzes your soil is more alkaline and ours did not fizz.  We did see a couple little bubbles (almost like a couple soap bubbles) but no fizz.

The other jar of soil had a baking soda and water mixture added to it.  We combined a half cup baking soda with a half cup water.  If it fizzed it means that the soil is more acidic.  Again we saw no fizz here.

Being that we saw no real reaction with either the vinegar or the baking soda and water combination, this means that our soil pH is pretty well balanced.  And at the same time our daughter had fun with a little science project!

The gardening forum is a great place to ask questions and it is free.  A lot of nice people there and I have got a lot of questions answered – http://www.gardening-forums.com 

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