Our Science Project – Turtle Made Out of Recyclables

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Our turtle made from recycled materials

We were asked to make a science project for school in celebration of Earth Day.  This was a lot of fun and
we did this together as a family.  Everybody put their ideas in and I am sure our daughter’s project will be a hit! The project was to make an animal using recycled materials and she decided that she wanted to make a turtle.  It was a little tricky to come up with at first but as we starting thinking together, we started to come up with some great ideas! For Earth Day our daughter’s school is having a science fair to display all of the kids’ animals that they made.

How we made it:

for the turtle shell
We took a 2lb strawberry container for the shell.  This was perfect for the shell, it has a 2 corners that lock closed and it has the 2 tabs that stick up there a little bit.  The locking lid helped to keep everything in place since we were not going to be able to glue the legs in (the glue probably wouldn’t hold on this thin plastic.)  The tabs were used to help hold the neck and tail in.  Glad we had recently bought strawberries 🙂
Our turtle’s tail
For the turtle’s tail we used a cut piece of toilet paper roll and then she painted it with watercolors once it was on the turtle.  This was glued lightly onto one of those tabs on the strawberry container.  That tab helps to hold it in place once the lid is closed.
For the turtle’s legs
For the turtle’s legs we cut the handles off of milk jugs.  I did this and would not let the kids do this part.  The  plastic milk handles were then covered with black construction paper.  The turtle’s legs then fit in the spaces on each side of the tabs.  
For the neck we used a toilet paper tube wrapped in construction paper and then she used construction paper rolled up for the head inside the neck.  I put a slit into the toilet paper roll so it could be glued onto the other remaining tab.  
We then assembled it altogether.  The tail and the neck were each glued onto the tabs and the the legs were added next to the neck and tail.  We then closed the strawberry container and used the locking corners to close it.  We did have to squish the top of the milk handles before putting them in the container just so we could get the lid closed.  I then added glue to 2 locking corners to give it extra support to stay closed.
She also used some water colors to add some color to the shell and to add eyes to the turtle.  And that is her science project – a turtle made from recycled materials for Earth Day.
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