Excited about a washing machine?

Am I excited about a washing machine? I have been asking myself that for the last 2 days, but the answer is yes I am! Ok before you think I am crazy (well I am a little but before you think I am really crazy), our old washing machine broke during a load of laundry.  It filled up just fine but when it went to go into the wash cycle, it made a loud continuous noise and started to drain instead of agitating. Ahhh was my first thought, yeah and my second and third thought too! I had a few loads I was going to do that day too.

We decided that instead of fixing the old one (and it was getting old) that we would buy an affordable new one.  But of course this took some time and research.  So in the mean time our laundry has been piling up and I have been carefully hand washing a few items at a time just to make sure everybody had some clothes to wear.

It is coming today and they are calling before delivering so I am patiently waiting with the phone in arms reach for our new washer to get here.  I guess I can be crazy for getting so excited about a washing machine, but when I look at the dirty clothes pile that just keeps getting bigger I can’t help but be excited! Of course I am not excited about all the work I will have to catch up on when it gets here tho 🙂

Have you ever had a washer break on you in the middle of washing a load of laundry?

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