Crazy Hair Day

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Our crazy hair style

In our schools they do some fun and silly things in the younger grades.  We have a pajama day, green eggs and ham day and so much more.  One of the fun days is crazy hair day.  As soon as the notice came home, she was already planning her hair all out, even tho it was about a week away from the day she got the notice.

So this is the hairstyle she wanted, only she wanted me to pull some strands through the middle of the buns (they looked better in the morning but we were running a little behind so I took the picture after school), but we didn’t have time as it is crazy getting the kids up some mornings.

But it looked cute the way it was, 2 buns in the front and then a braid in the back.  Crazy hair day was a fun day here! She loved her hair this way too.

Do you have crazy hair days? Well besides the “I’m cleaning and my hair is mess” kind of days – I can relate to those days 🙂

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