Waiting for Nemo

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We always thought Nemo was a very friendly fish, but yet this storm coming named Nemo doesn’t sound friendly for some! I think we are going to get a nice amount of snow here in North Jersey, but not too much like New England is supposed to get.  As of now we are forecast in the 6-12 inches, but this can all change as we were originally in the 3-6 range.

We are all quite excited here since we haven’t had a nice snow storm in about 2 years! We have had enough to make a little snowman or a snow angel, but not really enough to have a lot of fun with.  We are prepared in case the power goes out with a charged basic cell phone (my smartphone dies too quick but the basic phone lasts for at least a week), the candles are out and ready, and we have plenty of snacks along with bread and cereal.  We probably won’t lose power but with snow and wind you never know.

What are we going to do with all the snow that Nemo is bringing us? Play of course! Probably make a snowman and some snow angels.  I know we will be walking in it later too.  No school today too so we have the day to relax and have some fun!

Are you in Nemo’s path? If so, please be careful and safe! What are you planning on doing in all the snow?

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  • reiadm

    You have a great attitude and you've made Nemo sound like fun. I hadn't thought about having a basic cell phone (which we do) for power outages – what a great tip! Hopefully you'll share some pictures of the snowman and the snow angels.

    As for Nemo's path – Coastal Georgia is safe from Nemo so life is normal for us. Have fun – I know you will! Reia from http://www.southcountrysides.blogspot.com

  • Dawn Conklin

    Hi Reia! We didn't get as much snow as expected, but we did get about 5 inches last night. It started in the morning yesterday, but then died out before starting again at night. So it finally started to really come down around 8 PM. But we did go for a nice walk in the snow and then we made a snowman for the front of the house. It was a fun day 🙂

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