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Monster High
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If you have a daughter that is around 8 or older (possibly even younger), I am sure you have probably heard of Monster High.  It is a name we know quite well in this household! Monster High has become a very popular series of dolls and accessories within the last year or so.  A couple of times we had tried to get the dolls back in March and were not able to get them in the stores.  Completely sold out! And of course it was the only thing one of our daughters wanted for her birthday.

Christmas time is here and if you are like our household, Monster High is on the top of the list to make the kiddos happy.  I have searched many sites and cruised through many stores and have found that all stores have different prices on the dolls they may have in stock.  Some places do not even have any more dolls to order online.  So I had got onto Mattel’s email list.  I figured Mattel makes them, what better place to have them! I have ordered Monster High twice from Mattel now and it was an awesome experience.  I am not being compensated for this and this is not an affiliate link, but http://shop.mattel.com  really is (in my opinion) the first place you should go for Monster High.  Now if you don’t see the doll that your child wants you can look around on other sites, but I highly recommend checking them out first! I think it ends today – December 13th 2012 – but right now they are offering 25% off your order and also free shipping on orders of $25 or more.  I honestly saved a lot of money by ordering with them on both orders! I got my order a lot quicker then it said I would too.  I am sure that it depends on your location tho.

The same dolls I ordered for $19.99 each ($14.99 with the 25% off) on Mattel were almost $40 each on other sites!! Even if you read this post after the 25% off ends, you will still probably save money on most of the dolls unless other stores put them on sale for a great price (which I haven’t seen yet.)

I hope this helps, I know what you are going through if you are a Monster High household like us! Of course they have good deals on many other products that they make too, but Monster High is about all that we hear about in our house 🙂

Happy shopping!

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