Share Your Favorite Thanksgiving Day Recipe

I will be writing a post on or around November 15th sharing other bloggers favorite recipes for Thanksgiving Day.  If you have a favorite a recipe you want to share, please post a link to it on my community here: Daily Adventures of a Work at Home Mom Community.

If you don’t already have your recipe online, you can post it and share the link by the 14th.  For the recipe, it can be anything your family enjoys on Thanksgiving Day.  It can be anything from how you cook the turkey or your favorite main dish if you don’t cook turkey, bread, rolls, side dishes, desserts, drinks or anything else your family looks forward to.

I will add the link to your recipe along with a short description and readers will visit your post to get the recipe.  Your recipe can be written on a blog, article site you belong to (like Hubpages) or any recipe site you may add it to (like allrecipes.com for example.)

This will be a fun and yummy post, we look forward to you sharing your favorite recipe!

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