Our Hello Kitty Jack O Lantern

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Our Hello Kitty Jack O Lantern
source: www.dawnconklin.com

Every year I let the kids pick out the theme for our pumpkin.  Usually they pick it out and then I draw the design to carve.  This year they originally wanted Monster High for their jack o lantern, but I think the characters would be a little difficult to draw and carve being I was trying to do it after school and between cooking dinner!

Hello Kitty Jack O Lantern
source: www.dawnconklin.com

One wanted a ghost and the other wanted Hello Kitty.  They are both Hello Kitty fans, so we did decide on the Hello Kitty for the jack o lantern design.  This one was easier to draw then Monster High!

I looked up Hello Kitty designs and found this one.  I drew it from the picture since we do not have a working printer at the moment.  I am the only one who actually gets into the carving, so I just use knives to carve since the saws that come in the carving packages break easily.

What are you doing for your jack o lantern this year if you are doing one?

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