Having Fun With Acrylic Paints For Halloween

Halloween Decorations with acrylic paints
source: www.dawnconklin.com

Both the girls are quite creative and want to be artists here.  We have tried many things for them to show their creativity, but have not tried more permanent paints until now.  We have made homemade paints and used watercolors before, anything that washes easy! The girls have not used acrylic paints before yesterday and I that wasn’t my original intention, but went along with it hoping for the best.

We decided to go to Michael’s on Sunday because the girls love being creative and Michael’s is an awesome store for crafts.  I figured they had off on Monday and it was supposed to be cool and a little gloomy so crafts would be perfect.  During our trip to Michael’s we found a lot of cool things to do.  We were looking to see if there were going to be Halloween crafts since the girls wanted to make more Halloween decorations.  I found a really cool Halloween Haunted House to paint, but I didn’t get it.  It wasn’t something that would be easy for the girls, way too much small detail, and I couldn’t guarantee that I would have the time to do such a cool and detailed piece before Halloween.  They did have little eye balls that were also made of plaster and acrylic paints would work on them.  
Kids’ painted Halloween decorations
source: www.dawnconklin.com
We decided to get the plaster eye balls and also some other wooden decorations to paint.  Of course we ended up getting a bunch of acrylic paint and I kept reminding the girls that this is NOT watercolors or finger paint! They did quite well tho, I was impressed with how well they kept the mess to the newspaper and not all over.  Very proud of them 🙂
The girls had so much fun painting with the acrylic paints and because they did so well, I will buy more things to paint with them.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous yesterday lol.  We also got a Haunted Mansion gingerbread set to build.  We did build it, tho I struggled getting the roof to stay on! I didn’t get a picture of the finished project, but did get a picture of the box it came in.  I will give you a hint, ours looked nothing like the box!
The kids’ painted Halloween eyeballs
source: www.dawnconklin.com
Have you painted with acrylic paints with your kids yet? If so, how did they do? It really was quite fun and they can be quite creative with them.  I am glad that I found the plaster items so I did end up buying the acrylic paints, we all had fun.


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