Does This Only Happen In Our House?

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Kids can be funny sometimes and kids can also keep you on your toes! It seems to me that my kids just can’t grasp certain concepts.  It may be with all kids, but quite often it seems to be here more then other places.

Some things they do are around the house and other times they say and do things in public that would not be appropriate for adults, but being kids they can get away with it (I guess!) My kids definitely keep me busy 🙂

What they do around the house:

Leave a cereal box open on the floor – I have told them we can get ants this way, but apparently they are happy with feeding ants since they can’t grasp the concept to put it away!

Leave a tiny bit of cereal in a box – They put the cereal box away (when they put it away) with no cereal in it.  Being they get their own cereal usually, this means that I think we have more cereal then we do when I go shopping.  But the couple times they were out because of this did not seem to teach them as they did it again.

Almost no milk – Ok this one isn’t as bad because I ALWAYS buy 2-3 gallons of milk when I go shopping no matter what.  We also use the milk so we realize when it gets low.  But it does seem to happen that the kids leave a drop of milk in the gallon.  Is it because they don’t want to rinse it out??

They wait until after shopping – After I get done shopping the kids will tell me something that we needed.  The honey has done this one too tho! Literally when I get back from the store, oh by the way we are out of…

Ok so these things are minor and I am sure they happen all over.  They are not a big problem, I just wish that I could get them to not do this.

Now for things that I really wish I could get them to understand.  More so the younger daughter.  She sometimes has no concept of when it is not a good time to say or do certain things.  When you try to explain it to her, she is still talking about it in a way that makes it awkward.  Like she keeps asking why she can’t do this or shouldn’t say this.  And she will keep asking until you answer!!

We went for a walk the other day as we usually do.  They have small American flags from the Memorial Day parade.  Our youngest decided to bring her small American flag on the walk with us (take note that she has not walked with it since Memorial Day.)  So as we cross the river we see a festival going on with a bunch of people celebrating.  I didn’t know anything about it.  I then realized it was Spanish music playing and thought cool they were having a Spanish Festival! Take note that my youngest still had her little American flag.  I asked her for the flag as I was going to put it in my pocket (yeah it would still be sticking out but at least it wouldn’t be waved around.)

Nope she didn’t want me to hold onto it and insisted she did.  So what is she doing the whole walk through the festival? Yup waving the flag!! I asked her not to and explained that it was a bit rude, but she just kept doing it.  She wasn’t even thinking about it and she has Spanish friends.  None of us are at all prejudice so I think that is why it bothered me the most lol! We walked the long way back to avoid this situation on the way back 🙂

Another example of how I could have died is getting gas in the car the other day.  The gas station we go to all the time is run by a very nice gentleman.  All of the guys are very nice who work there, even tho some of them do not speak good English.  They do have a sense of humor and I have always been loyal to this station.  Unfortunately this gas station was also a frequent target for thieves and has been held up a few times.  The last time was fatal and one of the gentlemen was shot and died.  This was devastating to everybody around, I can only imagine his family.

My daughters were both upset about it, they hear about this happening but when it happens somewhere they go it hit them a little harder.  Well we were getting gas the other day and my youngest daughter was in the back seat talking about how they don’t want to get shot.  I could have died!! This came about when I mentioned I was getting gas earlier because they are no longer open 24 hours.  Yup she waited until we were in the gas station to keep talking about the guy who got shot and about how they don’t want it to happen again.  We had a memorial for the gentleman after this had happened and yes this devastated many here in town, but she really didn’t need to talk about it in front of the workers at this gas station!!!

Do your kids create some awkward moments just like ours do?

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  • Maria Ana

    hello Dawn,, visited your blog today and read your post. am not a momma yet but I am a teacher of younger that ages and yeah sometimes (most of the times) they blurt out things that are inappropriate or they do things that can really push us teachers and parents to the edge of our patience.. so i totally feel you..

    in cases like this we have to be more in control of the situation. ACKNOWLEDGE the behaviour that yes, Spanish people have their own celebrations too just like Americans and it would be nice if we will respect that by not waving the American flag.

    about the cereal i think it would be best to watch them clean the mess. less talk for parents and teachers because sometimes the more we talk the more they get annoyed and the more they will not comply.. we should teach them by being models to them andwe can tell them that our work will be so much easier if we will all help out.. i hope this will help you a bit.. but of course its still up on your discipline techniques.. 😉

    cheers and ill come back again ;=)

  • Dawn Conklin

    Hi Maria Ana! She meant well in a weird way I guess. She has respect for everybody, I just don't think that she realized exactly why I thought it was rude to be waving the flag at the moment. If I had known there was going to be a celebration (I didn't see it announced anywhere), I would have made her leave the flag at home. It just happened to be by chance she decided to leave the house with it that day. I couldn't believe it.

    She gets along with everybody, she just didn't fully understand that it is not really respectful (at least in my opinion) to walk through with the flag!!

    It was just one of those moments in life. We had a nice talk about it and she said she was sorry for doing it.

  • in the coop

    It doesn't matter who the parents are or what their discipline style is, ALL kids say and do things that we find inappropriate. Most of the time, it is completely innocent. They just didn't know what they were doing or saying. And you just can't predict what or when they will do or say it. No way to prepare for each and every situation. All you can do is deal with it when it happens. As for the cereal and such, good luck with that. Putting a cereal box where it belongs just isn't important to them, so they don't do it. Not because they are being disobedient, but simply because it doesn't even cross their minds. Even after you've told them 100 times. Keep making them come back and put it away, though! Eventually they'll get it.

  • Dawn Conklin

    My youngest is good for innocently saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. She means no harm, but it just seems to be at the wrong time!

    You would think the fact that they ran out of cereal and none was purchased at the store that they would learn not to put a box back that has like 2 pieces of cereal lol!

    Yeah it is hard to get them to put it away, but sure enough if it is almost empty they will put it away. Haha

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