The Fireworks Were Awesome Over the Delaware River

Cool firework picture from our big show
source: www.dawnconklin.com

Fireworks over the Delaware River.
The dam is in the background here 🙂
source: www.dawnconklin.com

We have a few firework shows over the month of July around here.  The cool part is that we can walk to a couple of the displays! One of them is the biggest in the area.  They shut down the bridge to cars so people can stand on the bridge, it usually gets packed too.  People can hang out along both sides of the river and they also line up down the road since one of the roads gets shut down.  That is how popular this fireworks show is!

We went to that one a couple weeks ago, but we just watched the second local show tonight.  The one by the river is really cool since the fireworks actually get shot off over the river with the view of the dam under the fireworks.  I did try to get a couple good pictures with the dam in it too.  This year we sat on the “beach” by the river bed and this was our favorite place to sit! We usually always stand on the bridge, so this was a nice change!

The fireworks tonight were not over the river, but they were nice too 🙂

Did you go to any firework shows this year?


  • Lady Whimsy

    Wow! great pics! I gave up trying to take pics of the fireworks because I was spending too much time trying to get the pictures that I'd miss the show! lol. Who can outgrow fireworks?

  • Dawn Conklin

    Thank you! This was the first year we watched them from the riverbed. Usually we stand on the bridge because they close the bridge so people can stand to watch them.

    It looked so beautiful with the water flowing over the dam in the background! It was hard to catch them because I have a delay on my phone's camera, so it did take a few pictures to time that right 🙂

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