Panning For Gold and This Is What We Found

Our cool treasure we found
source: www.dawnconklin.com

We went panning for gold at the Lost River Caverns and we found some treasures, just not gold.  At least not real gold! We did find what appears to be “fools gold” and many other cool things!

The Lost River Caverns has a panning area set up with a bit of flowing water to rinse your sand off.  You can purchase a bag of sand that also has stones and stuff in it, then bring it outside to the panning area.  You dump the bag of goodies into a tray with a screen bottom and then rinse away the sand in the running water.  What is left is a bunch of treasure.

We found a bunch of cool things, some I identified and some I am not sure what it is called.  There is some amethyst, crystalline and other neat things in here.  But I don’t know what all of it is.  Half of the fun was panning for these gems and stones, and the other half of the fun is looking them up and identifying them 🙂

This is a great learning experience for the kids.  They had a lot of fun uncovering treasure and then they wanted to know more about the cool things we found.


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