My first cute little puppy

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This is a guest post by my 10 year old daughter.  She is starting write short stories on the blog as she has asked me if she could.  I let her write her own story and leave it the way she writes it.  This week I did go over and help her a little, but for the most part it was exactly as she wrote it.  Enjoy 🙂

I was talking to my Dad about getting a dog.  And then he finally agreed to take me to the mall to look at the puppies.  I got distracted by the kittens and my dad called to me “hey you get over!” As I walked over my Dad asked me “what kind of puppy do you want?”

We looked at the puppies and I saw a cute German Shepherd.  They let me play with her and she was so sweet! She was adorable and liked me so I picked the German Shepherd to come home.  I brought her home and named her Alice.  She was so cute and a big puppy!

Shortly after coming home, she distracted my dad with her cuteness and my dad forgot he planted strawberries! “Dad you forgot to pick the strawberries” I said. “Thank you Honey I forgot I have to harvest them” he said.  So after Dad picked strawberries we all had strawberries but Alice did not like them!

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  • MariaAna

    cutie lil Alice there..

    I had a lil white kitten before and i named her Ms Amanda White. When I left China and moved to Malaysia I had to give her away. and i still feel guilty when I think about it now..

  • Dawn Conklin

    That is sad 🙁
    I should have put on the top that this is just a story my daughter made up, we don't actually have a puppy. My daughter would like one, but I am not ready to have a dog in the house.

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