Nail Polish Designed For Kids Is Awesome

So my girls decided that they wanted to use their nail polish today.  They are usually good with it, well for the most part anyway! No major messes have been made in the past.  They do sometimes get a little bit on their fingers around the nails, but not usually anywhere else.  Here sets the stage for the “Great Nail Polish Adventures.”

When they asked me if they can use their nail polish, I had no reason to think it was a bad idea.  It has always been ok in the past.  Yeah, today was a bit of a different adventure.  I am not sure if they were coloring their nails or their bodies lol! They come walking up to me to show me their nails and yes, it was on their hands (not just fingers), arms, legs and feet!! Really???

I asked them what had happened and of course I got a kid answer – “I don’t know!” Hmmm, I have an idea of what happened.  They looked at me like they had absolutely no idea that they were wearing the color in more places then their nails.

Long story short, they used kid nail polish.  This nail polish washed right off of their bodies with soap and water in the shower! No need for nail polish remover.  No worries, they will not be going to school with stripes painted all over themselves 🙂

This nail polish is awesome.  I can’t get adult nail polish off this easy without nail polish remover, so it is cool they have nail polish for kids that comes right off with soap and water without scrubbing.  Now off course since it comes off that easy, I will have to see if it is still on their nails after school tomorrow.

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  • Dawn Conklin

    Oh no!! Do you know the Monster High TV show and dolls? They also have Monster High nail polish which seemed to work pretty good here. It doesn't stay on the nails as long as adult polish, but it washes off of the skin quite easily 🙂 I am sure there are other nail polishes for them too, but this is the one we like.

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