Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Any Dad

Father’s Day is in a few days, June 17th to be exact.  If you are like me, you find it hard to shop for Dad on Father’s Day! I know they always say they don’t want anything but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be happy with something cool from his kids!

I asked the members of our community about Father’s Day gift ideas they have and they gave me some really cool ideas that any Dad would love.   Many of these are homemade which mean more then going out to buy a gift.  How happy would Dad be if his kids made him a really cool and thoughtful gift? There is a variety of ideas here.  Some are easy and you probably already have the stuff to do it at home, and some are for the Dad who enjoys his car, and another is for the Dad who loves being on the water.

I can’t talk about what exactly we are doing for the honey here, he sometimes reads the blog and we don’t want to spoil the surprise 🙂 Here are some of the answers I got for gift ideas for Dad from the lovely ladies along with their blogs:

  • Barb over at This Busy Life recommends a sailing trip for any Dad who loves to be on the water.  That is how they will be spending the day.
  • Esther from Laugh With Us Blog is taking hubby and kids to iT’Z for some family fun and food.  She has a coupon on her blog for $2.99 buffet and 99 cent drinks for the family!
  • One Mommy over at There’s Just One Mommy had an awesome idea the kids can make for Dad.  She said she interviewed the kids and asked them what they liked about Daddy.  She wrote down their answers and put them on a picture that the kids drew for him.  She then framed it.  
  • Natalia from Tribeca Nutrition shared hers on her Facebook page.  Making an edible gift with chocolate puff pastry, they will have fun making it and he will enjoy eating it.  It is a really cute idea and you can find it here: Chocolate Puff Pastries for Dad
  • Close to Home from the blog Staying Close to Home has some really cool do it yourself (DIY) gift ideas on her blog.  She shares some really cute and easy ideas from making a plaque or a cute picture frame to making an ice cream cake for Dad.  These are really cute!

These ladies all have wonderful ideas and I think each year I will go over this post and pick something from here.  The honey loves to get things that the kids make him (well he also loves to get XBox games lol.)


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