Refinancing Your Mortgage Can Save Your Home

Mortgages can be hard to keep up with when the economy goes bad.  Many banks are not working with customers to refinance and some people are losing their homes.  Some people are making their mortgage payments, but it doesn’t leave much money left over for the rest of the month.  I have found Streamline Refinance to be a useful site if you are looking to refinance your mortgage and start lowering your monthly payments.  I am not affiliated with them, I have just found them to be helpful.  If something happened tomorrow to your job, would you be able to pay your mortgage?

Too many people are losing their homes to banks like Wells Fargo, who is trying to foreclose on a woman’s house because the bank will not let her refinance.  It was a disturbing story for me to read about.  Kathy has 2 daughters who were diagnosed with a rare immune disorder.  She had many medical bills and her daughters needed various treatments.  Neighbors did a complete makeover on the house for the family so the daughters could live a safe and comfortable life, and now the bank is trying to take it away from her instead of adjust mortgage payments.  It is sad to hear this and I am hoping for the best for Kathy Sontag and her daughters! She is fighting to stay in a home that was modified to the health of her daughters.

Unfortunately this is not the only recent case, but this is the one that I remember the most.  There have been a few others who have been brought to attention lately.  I couldn’t forget this story because it is heart breaking to see a Mom struggle for her daughters to be healthy and has to go through the mess of her current bank not willing to work with her.  It is a petition that I signed to help her stay in her house.

This is a true story, I only wish I made it up.

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