Garlic Plants and Onion Plants in Our Garden

My Garlic Plants
Source: www.dawnconklin.com

 This is the first year for me to plant garlic plants and onion plants.  I started gardening a few years ago and each year I have been adding at least one new plant to grow.  This year it is garlic and onions.

I didn’t realize how easy either of them were or I would have added them sooner! We love garlic in our house and I add onions to almost any meal.  The onions were given to me by my Mom.  It was actually one of her friends that had ordered a bunch and she shared them with us.  I planted them in March, I can’t remember the date tho.  They like the cooler weather from what I have been told so they went right into the ground.

The garlic plants started as a couple of cloves from when I bought fresh garlic at the store.  I had heard that this is how you can grow it so dug some holes and dropped the cloves in.  I started out with 3 cloves and tho it is hard to see both plants in this picture, there are 2 here (1 behind the other) that are growing nicely.  The other must have got dug up by an animal or something, or maybe it just didn’t grow for some reason.  I did plant some more cloves after seeing how well these are doing!

My Onion Plants
Source: www.dawnconklin.com

One thing that I had found out tho is that onions need to be watered everyday.  Also, when watering onions you must not water the tops.  I read that if the tops get too wet too often, they are more prone to disease.  Hopefully I will not find out the hard way! I do not use my watering can for the onions plants, I water them with a couple of cups so I can get down to the ground level and keep the tops dry.

The first week I was watering the garlic plants every time I watered the onions.  Fortunately I read about garlic plants not long after.  I found out that garlic plants do not need as much water and should only be watered when the dirt is dry 2 inches down.  I am going to be guessing on this one! Now that both the onion plants and garlic plants have been growing, I haven’t seen any more animals digging them out.  I think the first couple days it was the neighborhood wild cats.  They probably saw the freshly moved soil and decided to dig.  No evidence of them doing their business there and they haven’t touched the plants since.  Hoping that keeps them away from the garden so when I plant my tomatoes and peppers, they stay away.

The onion plants are a little bigger then when I planted them, they started as a small onion plant.  Not sure if you can actually get the seeds, I am new to onions.  The garlic plants are growing like crazy as they started out as a clove I put in the ground.


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