My Kids Want to Blog

My kids have been telling me that they want their own blogs when they are old enough.  My older daughter did start one, but cannot have her own (without me) for a couple years.  Not by my choice, but age wise.

It is so cool that they see me blogging and they help me with mine, so now they want to start their own.  They do help me with mine often.  We think together about things that can be posted, think of crafts to share together and they also write stories from time to time.

Them helping me is a great experience for them and yes it helps me to come up with ideas too.  They are learning more about blogging and also online etiquette.  So I am hoping that when they reach the age of being allowed to blog on their own, they will be experts 🙂

Both of them get excited about things to share.  Sometimes they ask me to take a picture to share it on my blog.  I tell them it is really OUR blog, not just mine.  I cannot take full credit when they do so much to help!

I just think it is so cool that my kids are proud of me for blogging and that they want to be like Mom and blog too.  How about your kids, do they help or want to blog themselves?

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