Parents Make Silly Mistakes Too

As parents we teach our kids how to be themselves and grow up to be responsible adults.  We guide them along the way and let them know when they do something wrong so they learn from their mistakes.  It must seem to a child that parents do not make mistakes as we are constantly teaching them about life.  At least that is how my daughter acted today when I goofed! And yes it was a minor goof, but I have had my fair share of mistakes throughout my life.  Some of them were big mistakes and some of them were small mistakes. So yes children, parents make mistakes too!

However this most recent mistake and the reaction of my daughter will forever make me laugh! We now have this one cup brew coffee maker along with a 12 cup coffee maker.  The single cup brew is new and comes in handy! So I was the only one who was going to have coffee so I took out the little basket on the single cup brew and put a coffee pod in it.  I filled the back with a cup of water, put my cup where it is supposed to go and turned it on.  As I was standing there, my daughter came in to ask for milk.  I stood there for a minute as I noticed that the liquid filling my cup was clear.  A bit confused and my daughter looking at me funny, I said something to her about the coffee coming out as water.  She looked at my cup, then looked at the counter and looked at me laughing.  I could not figure out what was so funny about my coffee being plain heated water, but I asked her what was so funny.  She looked at me and said “Mom, are you making tea?” I have to admit for a second I was not amused, really only because I thought there was a problem.  I said no but I don’t know what is wrong.

Well she was having a heck of a time holding back the laughter.  I asked her what was so funny and she pointed on the counter in front of me.  Yup, now I see why she was laughing and then pointing at me and laughing.  I put the coffee pod in the filter basket and the water in the machine, but I never but the coffee pod and filter back into the machine!!! Yes the coffee pod was sitting in the filter basket on the counter the whole time.  So then I was laughing too – knowing that the coffee maker wasn’t broken 🙂 But no sooner did my daughter point it out to me did she start laughing again and pointing at me saying “yeah and how do YOU feel?”  Pretty frazzled I guess.

TGIF – Happy Friday

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