Would You Go Shopping on Thanksgiving?

Remember when Black Friday was the day for early holiday shopping? Thanksgiving was always a day to enjoy with the family and very few businesses were actually open.  I can understand supermarkets having a few hours on Thanksgiving for anybody who needs last minute things they forgot.  And at least supermarkets typically close early enough for people to spend the rest of the day at home or with the family.  I can understand gas stations being open so we can get gas if needed while traveling, but I don’t understand why retail stores are now open!

I have been seeing the commercials with all these stores that are opening and having specials on Thanksgiving.  Can’t we just wait until Black Friday to do the shopping? In my opinion it is crazy for the stores to open as early as they do on Black Friday, but now they open on Thanksgiving? 
I don’t even go shopping on Black Friday, we do other things way away from the madness! There is no way I would go to a retail store and make these stores think it is ok to make their employees work on a day that they really shouldn’t be working.  
Are you planning on going shopping on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday? Do you think the stores should be open on Thanksgiving?

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