The Black Friday Disaster

We don’t go physically shopping on Black Friday, but online had some really good deals! I was planning on doing some shopping online and taking advantage of these deals from our favorite sites once the kids went to sleep.  I had the day all planned out – finish decorating, eat left overs for dinner, go to the local peace candle lighting (the girls love going every year), and then I was going to do shopping once the kiddos fell asleep.

Sounds like a good planned day, right? That might have been the problem! Plans changed drastically when my Acer laptop (my main computer) died.  Yup literally just died early afternoon on Black Friday!! My daughter was online and playing a game on a harmless site and the computer just shut down and will not power back up.  No lights, nothing 🙁  I was not happy, the computer is only about 2 years old and it is probably not worth fixing from what I was told by a couple experts.  I am quite a bit disappointed with Acer, it was a nice computer until it did this! Tho it did act up a couple weeks ago and it seemed like a little glitch.  Apparently that was not the case, it is now dead so I am running off my old computer for now.  My Acer laptop definitely let me down on a day it was much needed so I did not get to do any shopping.  I had to upgrade the RAM on my old computer before doing much online with it. 

But it did end up being a good day anyway as we had a lot of fun at the peace candle lighting so all was good there.  It started out rough and I was quite annoyed about the Acer, but I put that aside to have fun at the festivities on Black Friday.  How was your Black Friday?


  • Always Cynthia

    Since I have been living out the country for the last few years, I totally forgot that it was black Friday and did no shopping at all. My child was in school on Thanksgiving so we could not celebrate until the weekend. So sorry about your computer, hope you get it fixed or you get a new one sooon.


  • Dawn Conklin

    Hi Cynthia,

    Yeah eventually I will buy a new one, but with Christmas around the corner it will have to wait. I am running on my old one for now, it is just quite slow and I have no pictures on this one. It is working for now tho!

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