Our Trick or Treating Monster High Girls

The girls both wanted to be Monster High girls for Halloween this year.  Of course we had a crazy adventure finding the Clawdeen Wolf costume, but I am just glad we were able to find it and she was quite happy with it! And to make matters worse, our oldest thought she got a wig (and insisted) but yet we couldn’t find it anywhere.  Since trick or treating was after Halloween here, and Monster High is so popular, we couldn’t find another costume wig in any left over Halloween section.  She was about to be upset when we remembered that Monster High is so popular that in the toy section they have dress up stuff.  So yup we found the Draculara wig in the toy section, thank goodness for the dress up section 🙂 They were complete!

Our Halloween had to be rescheduled because of Hurricane Sandy, but at least they got to out! Now it was a very cold day when our town did the trick or treating, but the girls were fighting me to walk around without their jackets – grrr.  I couldn’t get our younger daughter to wear her jacket so I just carried it and kept asking her to wear it lol.
Here is the picture of them just before walking around the neighborhood to get their candy! 
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  • Dawn Conklin

    Yeah it was a bit of a mess, but they were so glad to be able to go! My younger daughter was devastated when there was no power on Halloween in the whole town. She got upset telling me they were cancelling Halloween. The only thing I could tell her was that I was pretty sure that they would reschedule. But with no power and the newspapers couldn't be printed (all around us was without power), I had no way of knowing for sure that it would be rescheduled!

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