The Spiderweb Hairstyle for Halloween

Spiderweb Hair with spiders in it for Halloween
Source: www.dawnconklin.com

I created this spiderweb hairstyle on my daughter for her party and it was a hit.  Our youngest was invited to a Halloween costume party and I didn’t really want her to wear her new Halloween costume because of how hard it was to get this costume! I was afraid something would happen to it while being a kid having fun at an active party.

 We decided to use her spiderweb dress from last year (I forget what the name of the costume was) and we couldn’t find her spider hat to match.  It may have been thrown out because she thinks that the strap on it broke.  So being she had a spiderweb dress without anything for her hair, I had this idea to create spiderweb hair with little black spiders in it! She also had to have her hair up with no make-up in case they did the bobbing for apples, so this left out the option of drawing a spider on her face.

Adding the spiders to the spiderweb hair
source: www.dawnconklin.com

On top of the hair is just a piece of white yarn wrapped around the little clips.  Party City had spider clips which was awesome, it made this complete.  Everybody that saw her hair absolutely loved it and it was fairly easy to do!

She was so happy with her Spiderweb hair that she asked me to do her hair like this for her Halloween parade in school too.  The only problem is that her dress did rip at the party so I am not sure that we will be doing this one for her parade.

The hairstyle before adding the spiderweb and spiders
source: www.dawnconklin.com

What do you think of her hair? I was actually quite proud of my idea and of course I was thrilled that she liked it.  Do you have a special hairstyle for Halloween? Feel free to share it with us below!

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