Prepared for Hurricane Sandy to Hit

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We are in Hurricane Sandy’s projected path, well a little bit north – it’s forecast to hit south NJ and we are in north NJ.  But it pretty much looks like all of NJ is going to get hit here.  We did have a fall festival and we have been trying to do some fun activities in between getting ready for this Hurricane.

We are not on the coast, but we do have the river close to us.  Shouldn’t be close enough to get us (we are on a little up hill from it), but if it get’s bad it will affect people in our town.  Our governor is evacuating several spots, especially along the shore, and I suggest to anybody in an evacuation area to listen to the local officials and leave your house.  The casinos in Atlantic City were evacuated yesterday (I can only imagine how much of a fight people put up there – some people just don’t take evacuations seriously.)  Several states are in a state of emergency.

So with not much of a threat of flooding, I didn’t have as much to prepare as those on the actual coast and river banks.  Things we did to prepare for Hurricane Sandy:

Charge our cell phones overnight to make sure it has a charge for a while if the power goes out

Tried to buy a couple bottles of water on Saturday, but most was sold out.  I filled some rinsed out milk and juice jugs just to have water if something were to happen to our town water plant.

I have 2 refrigerators so I moved water to the other fridge so if the power goes out, I can still open and close the fridge with the water and not spoil the other foods.  I am not telling you to buy a second refrigerator, we just have 2 already.  If you have a big freezer, you can put most of the items in the big freezer and keep just a couple things in your little fridge freezer so nothing goes bad if you need to take something out of it.

Stocked up on rice, pasta, canned food (not that I like canned food but it doesn’t need to be kept cold), cereal, granola bars and bread.  I can cook as long as we don’t lose the natural gas, we can still cook here.  I had also purchased some containers of milk that do not need to be refrigerated until opening.  This way we will have milk for coffee and for the kids.

We have plenty of candles in case the power goes out.

I brought in all lighter items from outside.  Also made sure that nothing would blow around and do damage or hurt anybody.

There are many things to do so that you are prepared for Hurricane Sandy, these are just some of the things we have done.  It is unlikely that we will be evacuated here, but some people in town maybe if the river rises too high.

Hurricane Sandy is something they are predicting to be a bit of a powerful storm, if you are in an evacuation area – seriously just leave when authorities warn you to.  There are shelters opening all over the affected area and why take a chance with your life or the life of others – emergency personnel are put in danger if you don’t evacuate and then something happens.

For all in the path of Hurricane Sandy, I wish you all remain safe through the storm and the aftermath of the storm!!

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  • Dawn Conklin

    It was bad in our town, but not as bad as people in NYC and along the NJ coast. We lost power for a for a few days and 2 sections of our fence collapsed. There were people in town who lost the roof of their house, their cars and it was a bit of a mess.

    People along the coast had massive damage from the ocean rising over the streets and through their homes. It was a devastating storm as a whole in NJ and NYC, but we were fortunate in our house. My Mom has been out of work for almost 2 weeks because they still don't have power!

  • OneMommy

    Sounds like you prepared the best you could. Have to agree with what you said, if you are in the path of a storm and they tell you to evacuate, you need to do it. Then. Too often the emergency workers have to risk their lives to get people out who should have evacuated earlier.

  • Dawn Conklin

    Hi Dree, thank you! We were lucky, many others in our state lost their property or had a lot of damage to their property. Many people were evacuated ahead of time, but unfortunately there were a few deaths from the storm.

  • Dawn Conklin

    Yeah we made out ok with no power. The honey was lost without his TV or Xbox360 tho lol! It was quite an experience here after the storm. There were fights and mile long waits at any gas station with power – it was insane!

    There was an issue in NJ with evacuation. Our governor ordered Atlantic City to evacuate and their mayor opted to go against the governor. He decided to have residents seek shelter in a school a block from the boardwalk so when the storm surge brought the ocean up, these people were trapped in the school. It didn't make our governor too happy at all, as far as I know everybody that was trapped there survived but I am not definite.

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