Encouraging Our Kids

Her ghost in a pumpkin
source: www.dawnconklin.com

Her ghost picture
source: www.dawnconklin.com

Kids have so many creative and fun ideas.  I like to encourage the kids to be creative and also encourage them to do what they want in life (ok they do still have rules tho.)  I just mean to do what they want with their life like be an artist or whatever they choose.  Yes we have plenty of rules in the house 🙂

The Witch
source: www.dawnconklin.com

Both of the girls are quite good at art and both want to be artists and actresses when they grow up, which I think is great! They always ask me, “Mom do you think I will be a good artist when I grow up?” And of course I say yes!

To encourage them to be themselves and creative, I always have plenty of crafty things on hand.  Many times they find other things to use (like the coffee can that I put in the recycle bin), but they are also usually happy with construction paper, crayons or markers and scissors.

The popout pumpkin, notice how she made
it pop out off the paper?
source: www.dawnconklin.com

For the holidays, I let them decorate.  They also always want to make their own decorations to hang up.  Give my youngest access to construction paper, scissors and glue around Halloween and this is what she makes! She was so happy with her decorations and I told her that a picture of them was going on the blog today, so she was quite proud of her creations.  All of these creations were her idea, I did not even have to help her decide what to make.

Sharing their creations and their ideas on the blog gives them encouragement as it is something they want to see, their creativity on the Internet and people commenting on their work.  Encouraging your kids to be great at anything they do is easy and very rewarding 🙂

My older daughter is still working on something for the blog, I think hers will be a story tho.

How do you encourage your child’s creativity?

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  • Always Cynthia

    I love the art work. I love to see children imagination just go wild. I try to encourage my child to be creative, get messy and have fun. You are only young once. I also feel that creative kids make more well rounded adults.

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